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Cadex, IQ, Vencon Battery Analysers & Testers –

Wide range of Battery Analsyers and Primary Battery Testers. Including Cadex, IQ, West Mountain. Sealed Lead Acid and Primary Battery Testers also available.


  • Ansmann Energy XC3000 Charger & Tester for 1-8 AAA / AA or 1-4 C / D or 1-2 9V NiMH rechargeable batteries or 1 x Li-Ion/LiPo ba

  • Ansmann 1900-0019 LCD Battery Tester 12/24V (used to check the automotive battery), 1900-0019

  • Ansmann 4000001 Battery Tester for Primary & Rechargeable Batteries, 4000001

  • Ansmann 4000042 Energy Check for AAA, AA, C, D & 9V. Indicator in 25% steps. 3 year warranty, 4000042

  • Ansmann 4000392 Energy Check LCD battery test station for rechargeable batteries, 4000392

Battery Fighter

  • Battery Tester For 12V Lead Acid Batteries, BT012RB

  • Battery Tester For 12V Lead Acid Batteries, BT012WR

  • 12V & 24V Lead Acid Battery LCD Monitor , BT124LCD-B


  • Cadex C7400ER-C Four Bay High Voltage Battery Analyzer, C7400ER-C

  • Cadex C7200-C Two Bay Battery Analyzer, C7200-C

  • Cadex C7400-C Four Bay Battery Analyzer, C7400-C

  • Cadex Battery Shop 1 PC Software & Accessories, Batt Sware

  • Cadex Battery Analyser Adaptors A to G, C7x00 Adaptr

  • Cadex Battery Analyser Adaptor for testing Apple iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 / 5c / 5S, 07-111-5870

  • Cadex C5100B + RigidArm Universal Adaptor Kit, C5100B Kit

  • Cadex C5100B Rapid Cell phone tester, C5100B

  • Cadex BatteryStore PC Software


  • Cadex BCK Battery Connection Kit

  • Battery Connection Kit – Mix of adaptors for connection to battery packs to connect to Cadex & Vencon UBA battery analysers


  • Battery Tester for Primary Batteries, MW333

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