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Sealed Lead Acid Chargers

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Battery Fighter

  • 5V 2.1A max. USB In-Line Charge Cable for Battery Fighter Battery Chargers, Battery Fighter, BFL11


  • 12V 1A cigarette lighter adaptor with 2.1mm DC plug for Turtle Battery Charger TSBxxxx series, Ionix, PA-1


  • Extension Lead for Battery Fighter Chargers & other BFL accessory leads, BFL7

  • Female Cigarette Lighter socket with Banana Plug Connections, PS2003L

  • Female Cigarette Lighter socket no leads, PS2003

  • Female Tamiya Connector to Female Nikko Connector, Mst, CC32-75

  • Female DC Plug to Alligator Clips, Mst, CC33-280

  • Female DC Plug to Female 6.35mm Dual Spade Terminals, Mst, CC34-250

  • Female Tamiya Connector to Female JR/Hitech Connector, Mst, CC36-110

  • Battery Charger &/or Power Supply Accessory, Mst, CC15-250

  • Coaxial waterproof lockable universal connectors w male & female plugs up to 8 Amps each. 1 mtr coil cord leads, Mst, CC18-1000

  • Banana Plug Gold Pin to Male T-Plug in Deans Style, Mst, CC20-180

  • Female T-Plug in Deans Style to JR/Futaba/Hitec Servo Connector Cable, Mst, CC21-150

  • Female JST Red BEC to Female T-Plug in Deans Style, Mst, CC22-150

  • Female T-Plug In Deans Style to Small Tamiya (Nikko) M1319-2P Conector Cable, Mst, CC24-150

  • Female T-Plug in Deans Style to Alligator Clips Connector Cable, Mst, CC26-150

  • Constar SAE Quick Disconnect Plug to PL10 Mating adaptor for LB-VWVB series batteries, Mst, CC28-300

  • Female Tamiya Connector to Female T-Plug Deans Style Connector, Mst, CC29-85

  • Female Tamiya Connector to Male Nikko Type Connector, Mst, CC30-110


  • Crocodile Clips to Female Cigarette Lighter Plug c/w 1800mm leads, CC06-1800

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