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  • Digitech Data Hold Digital Multimeter (DMM) with Backlight, QM1523

  • Digitech Budget Multimeter, QM1500


  • Lutron – 4 In 1 Anemometer/Hygrometer (Humidity)/Light Meter/Thermometer, LM8000A

  • Lutron 1000 degrees Celsius Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer., TM969

  • Lutron 3 Phase/Motor Rotation Tester, RT608

  • Lutron 3 in 1 professional measuring instrument, PHB318

  • Lutron 4 in 1 Meter. Anemometer, Humidity meter, Light Meter & Temp. K Type T/Couple, LM8010

  • Lutron 4 in 1 Green Meter with power provided by winding. Anemometer, Hygrometer, Light Meter & Thermometer, LM8020G

  • Lutron 4 in 1 professional measuring instrument, Anemometer, Humidity Meter, Light Meter, Thermometer, LM8100+CA03

  • Lutron 5 in 1 professional measuring instrument, LM8102

  • Lutron 3KG Digital scale, GM3KG

  • Lutron 600g Digital Scale, GM600G

  • Lutron AC/DC Fork Current Tester, FT9950

  • Lutron 3D EMF Tester, EMF828

  • Lutron 3 Phase Power Analyser With RS232 Interface, DW6092

  • Lutron ACA Leakage Tester, DL6054

  • Lutron ACA Leakage tester, DL9954

  • Lutron Aca Clamp Meter 600a Rotary Switch, DM6007

  • Lutron ACA Bench Meter, AA104


  • Digital Non Conductive Electronic Calipers, TD2081

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