PLC Robotics & CNC Batteries

SIMPOWER design & build to order as well as “repack” battery packs for equipment that is no longer produced or difficult to source.

We carry one of the largest range of batteries in the country and have possibly the largest range of memory preservation cells readily available. The common chemistries of which include:

  • Lithium Manganese Dioxide Li-MN02
  • Lithium Thionyl Chloride Li-SOCL2

We only use the best quality FDK (SANYO), SAFT, VARTA or PANASONIC cells designed for industrial professional use. In most instances this will give you an increase in capacity and a longer service life.

Please note that we order in fresh cells every week, so you are guaranteed to get a fresh battery, unlike most replacements that have sat on the shelf a little while.

The repack time is approximately 24 – 48 hours (sooner if required) from receipt of the old battery pack & your confirmed order to commence the work and the quality is second to none.

Take charge of your battery needs and give is a call on 0800 746 769.