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Lutron Digital Panel Meters

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  • Lutron Frequency Meter Range 0.5-500.0hz Power Supply 240vac/50hz, FC422D

  • Lutron Tachometer Input 5-100k Rpm Power Supply Ac240v/50hz, DT2240D

  • Lutron PANEL METER(4-20 mA), 3 1/2 digits, DR99420

  • Lutron PANEL METER(ACA), 3 1/2 digits, DR99ACA

  • Lutron PANEL METER(ACV), 3 1/2 digits, DR99ACV

  • Lutron PANEL METER(DCA), 3 1/2 digits, DR99DCA

  • Lutron PANEL METER(DCV), 3 1/2 digits, DR99DCV

  • Lutron Voltmeter Pcb Module – Lcd Display C/W Mounting Bezel, DP30

  • Lutron Voltmeter Pcb Module – Led Display C/W Mounting Bezel, DP40

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