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Lutron Clamp Meters

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  • Lutron Power Clamp Meter 2kw-10kw, PC6009

  • Lutron Clamp Meter – Dca/Aca, DM6056A

  • Lutron Aca Clamp Meter 600a Rotary Switch, DM6007

  • Lutron Clamp Meter True Rms 1000a Push Switch, DM6008

  • Lutron Aca/Dca Clamp Meter 1000a, DM6046

  • Lutron Clamp Meter – Mini Type Dca/Aca, DM6053

  • Lutron Dca/Aca Clamp Meter + Dmm. True Rms, CM9930

  • Lutron Mini Dca/Aca Clamp Meter Auto Range, CM9940

  • Lutron Clamp Adaptor – Dca/Aca 0-1000a, CA502

  • Lutron Clamp Adaptor – Mini Type Aca, CA201

  • Lutron Clamp Adaptor 2000a, CA203

  • Lutron Clamp Adaptor – Dca/Aca 0-400a, CA501

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