You name it, SIMPOWER can repack it. SIMPOWER are Battery Repacking specialists. From Survey battery packs to power tool batteries and everything in between. Why throw away your old power tool away when you can have the battery repacked, in most cases improving the run time and life of the battery.

We have regular deliveries of fresh cells, ensuring that you get the freshest battery possible. Unlike premade replacements that have sat on the shelf for a long time and have often lost half the battery life before you even start.

9.6V, 12V, 14.4V & 18V Cordless Power Tool Batteries repacked / refurbished for all makes of power drill including: – Atlas, AEG, Black & Decker, Bosch, Dewalt, Festool, Hitachi, Makita, Metabo, Panasonic, Paslode, Ramset, Ryobi, Skil etc.

The Benefits of Battery Repacking

When Battery Repacking, we replace the dead or faulty cells with increased capacity cells to improve your batteries run time. Our aim in all instances is to improve the quality & performance of the batteries, so in a way, it is not battery renewal we do, it is battery enhancement. Using only the best premium brand Ni-CD, Ni-MH or Lithium cells.

In most cases we can increase your original batteries capacity so your battery will perform better and run longer between charges.

Battery repacking means that your valuable equipment will last you much longer and there is no need to go and buy new tools.

All batteries are tested to ensure correct performance and we can ship nationwide.

Cheaper poor quality cells may seem like a good investment. However, they will cost you more in the long run. You will have to replace them more often and run the risk of damaging your power tool. We only use the best quality PANASONIC cells designed for power tool use in our repacks.


“Gidday Folks. I just wanted to express how impressed I am with Peter Simpson and the team down at Simpower in Trugood Drive. This is the second time Iv taken my B&D battery pack to these guys. The last time was in 2009! ( Can you believe that) I got 9 years of quality performance from the battery ‘re-pack’ they did on my B&D and I’m confident I’l get the same if not more out of this latest ‘re-pack’. On top of that they are a cool bunch of guys and sharp at what they do. I’m telling you, if you want your power-tool battery packs to give you 9+ years of of trouble free service take it to these guys. Value for money! Thanks Pete.” – herb rihari

“I took an E-bike battery to an Onehunga battery re-packer. They made a total mess of the job and could not make it work. I asked Pete at SIMPOWER if he could sort it out. Pete and the team rewired and repaired the previous stuff-up and it now works perfectly. The moral of the story— DON’T use the cheapest supplier because; not only their replacement parts will be inferior, they probably will not have the expertise to cope efficiently with the job. Big thanks to Pete for sorting out what had been an ongoing headache for me!! Always go to the best– GO TO SIMPOWER.” – Peter Hool

Repack Pricing

9.6V8$110.00 each$116.49 each$135.00 each
12.0V10$125.00 each$143.75 each$145.00 each
14.4V12$135.00 each$155.25 each$159.00 each
18.0V15$145.00 each$166.75 each$169.00 each
24.0V20$185.00 each$186.49 each$189.00 each
VoltageNo. of CellsSAMSUNG 2.5Ah LiIonSAMSUNG 4.0Ah LiIonSAMUSNG 5.0Ah LiIon

2.5Ah = 3 
4.0Ah = 6 
5.0Ah = 6

$110.00 each$139.00 each$149.00 each
14.4V2.5Ah = 4
4.0Ah = 8
5.0Ah = 8
$119.00 each$149.00 each$159.00 each
18.0V2.5Ah = 5
4.0Ah = 10
5.0Ah = 10
$129.00 each$169.00 each$179.00 each

All prices listed incl. GST

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