Charger for CBA IV West Mountain Radio Computerised Battery Analyser

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Charger for CBA IV West Mountain Radio Computerised Battery Analyser

Charger for CBA IV computerised battery analysers.


* The CBA Charger can be used with a CBA IV and a user provided battery charger to automate life cycle tests, automatically alternating between * periods of charging the battery and discharging the battery. By automatically switching between charge and discharge cycles of the battery, a hands-free lifetime test of the battery can be performed.
* When the unit is idle, the two pairs of Powerpoles are open. When the unit is in a charging state, the two Powerpoles® are connected together, connecting the user provided battery charger to the battery.
* CBA Charger interface requires a user provided battery charger compatible with your battery. CBA Charger interfaces to this external charger.
* Can measure the current going from the charger into the battery, and this current is logged by the software.
* Two general purpose inputs are available that can be used by the CBA Charger and software to determine when a charge cycle is complete. These inputs could be connected to a charge complete LED on the user provided battery charger.
* Two general purpose outputs are available that can be used to send start charging or stop charging messages to the user provided battery charger.
These outputs could be connected to a push-button on the user provided battery charger.


* Max voltage (Powerpoles): 55 V
* Max current during charging (through Powerpoles): 10 A @ 24 V, 2.5 A @ 55 V
* Max voltage (IN-A and IN-B): 50 V
* Min voltage (IN-A and IN-B, minimum voltage required to detect asserted line): 3 V (IN-A and IN-B detects assertion regardless of polarity of voltage input)
* Max voltage (OUT-A and OUT-B): 30 V
* Max current (OUT-A and OUT-B): 2 A

The CBA Charger comes with:
* CBA Charger Unit
* (2) 4 Position Input/Ouput Terminal Plugs
* 2 pair Red and Black Powerpoles with 30A contacts
* User Manual

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Length:15.24 cm
Width/Diameter:10.79 cm
Height:3.8 cm
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  • West Mountain Radio CBA Charger