Cadex C7400ER-C Four Bay High Voltage Battery Analyzer, C7400ER-C

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  • C7400ER-C
  • Cadex C7400ER-C Four Bay High Voltage Battery Analyzer, C7400ER-C
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The extended range Cadex C7400ER is the most powerful of the C7000 Series battery analyzers. It offers 170 watts of charge power and accommodates batteries up to 36V. The maximum charge and discharge current is 100mA to 6A* in 25mA increments.Cadex range page to access the various universal adaptor types) as well as adaptors for specific battery models. Optional BatteryShopsoftware allows PC interface.

To view the C7x00-C series brochure please click the data sheet link below.

Specific information is also available for each of the following topics:-
* 30 Second Battery Test

* Cadex C7200 & C7400 Benefits over Competitors

* Why do batteries only last one year?

* Cadex Quick Test program brochure

* Batteryshop software V6 Facts sheet

* Key Features of the C7000 C- Series Platform

* Cadex Benefits of Battery Maintenance

For complete information including an on line demonstation of the C7x00-C analyser range we recommend visiting the Cadex 2014 Brochure.

Data Sheet: C7400ER-C
Data Sheet: C7400ER-C 2
Data Sheet: C7400ER-C 3


  • Cadex C7400ER-C Battery Analyser


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