18650 3.2V 1500mAh LiFePO4 Lithium Battery


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Product Model:IFR18650
Product Name:18650 3.2V 1500mAh LiFePO4 Lithium Battery
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18650 3.2V 1500mAh LiFePO4 Lithium battery from SIMPOWER

The 18650 3.2V 1500mAh LiFePO4 Lithium battery from SIMPOWER is a high-grade Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cell. Lithium Iron Phosphate can be a great choice in battery pack design due to its convenient cell voltage, high energy density, cycle life and most importantly due to it being one of the safest Lithium technologies available.

The 18650 LiFePO4 Lithium battery has a nominal voltage of 3.2V and a typical capacity of 1.5Ah.

Standard charge currents for a charge time of approximately 6 hours are as follows: IFR18650 18650 LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Constant Current 0.2C5A

Constant Voltage 3.65V 0.02C5A cut-off

Fast charge currents for a charge time of approximately 2.5 hours are as follows:

Constant Current 1C5A

Constant Voltage 3.65V 0.01C5A cut-off

For more information on this cell or discuss your requirements please contact us here.


Use caution when working with and using Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries as they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode, burn, or cause a fire if misused or mishandled. Always charge in or on a fire-proof surface. Never leave batteries charging unattended. Buyer is responsible for any damage or injury caused by misuse or mishandling lithium ion batteries and chargers. No express or implied guarantee of compatibility with any device can be made.

Charge only with a smart charger designed for this specific type of lithium battery. Do not mix and match old and new, used and unused batteries.

  • Misuse or mishandling of lithium ion batteries can pose a SERIOUS RISK of personal injury, property damage, or death
  • ONLY use with proper protection circuitry, “PCM” or “BMS”
  • ONLY use within manufacturer specification
  • DO NOT store loose in pocket, purse, etc. – always use a protective case
  • KEEP AWAY from metal objects to prevent short circuiting
  • DO NOT short circuit
  • DO NOT use if wrapper or insulator is damaged or torn
  • DO NOT overcharge or over-discharge
  • DO NOT use if damaged in any way
  • DO NOT modify, disassemble, puncture, cut, crush, or incinerate
  • DO NOT expose to liquids or high temperatures
  • DO NOT solder

The user must have an appropriate understanding of lithium ion batteries before buying this item. By purchasing this item, the customer acknowledges that you have read our Li-Ion precautions sheet and that:

1. The customer will not hold SIMPOWER Ltd (the supplier and direct importer) liable for any loss or damage sustained or arising from the use and assembly of the products and finished products.
2. The customer are responsibly buying Rechargeable Lithium Ion single cell or battery pack product without SIMPOWER Ltd being provided with information as to the end user application specific data and use of properly designed safety circuits (including, but not limited to, protection circuit modules) that is usually required by SIMPOWER Ltd and the manufacturer. Due to the nature of this product, the use outside of manufacturer’s specifications as provided is not covered by any warranty and SIMPOWER Ltd shall have no liability whatsoever arising out of such use.
3. The customer has read all necessary data sheets, safety precautions, proper charging methods, use and handling documentation provided with the supply of the products.
4. The customer indemnify SIMPOWER Ltd in respect of any claim or demand made or action commenced by any person or entity against SIMPOWER Ltd or for which SIMPOWER Ltd is liable in connection with any loss or damage suffered in connection with the manufacture, assembly, sales, use and/or disposal of the products and/or finished products.
5. No liability or authorisation has been granted by SIMPOWER Ltd or the cell manufacturer for these Rechargeable Lithium cells to be used for repacking original batteries. These single cells can only be assembled into packs by authorized pack assembly centres that have been approved for safety circuit assembly and Lithium ion pack design.
6. The customer is not an authorised assembly centre sanctioned by the manufacturer or SIMPOWER Ltd.
7. The customer shall be solely responsible for compliance with all health, safety and environmental requirements arising from the manufacture, assembly, sales, use, and/or disposal of the products and/or finished products.

Lithium cells, can be assembled into packs by authorised pack assembly centre companies that have been approved for safety circuit assembly and Lithium ion pack design. For information on the safety circuits, more commonly know as a protection circuit module (PCM) please click here.

Lithium Ion Batteries can be assembled into battery packs in series and/or parallel. For pack design enquiries please contact us with your requirements. If you already have some parameters please click here for a Battery Application work sheet and email it to us.


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Technology Charged:LiFePO4
Standard Charge Current:300mAh
Standard Current Charge Time: 6.0 hrs
Quick Charge Current:1500mAh


Technology:Lithium Iron Phosphate
Length:6.5 cm
Width/Diameter:1.81 cm
Termination:Flat Top
Cell Profile:Cyclindrical


Compatible Parts:IFR18650, 18650, HTCFR18650EC, K218650E
Compatible Models:IFR18650, 18650, HTCFR18650EC, K218650E