12V & 24V Lead Acid Battery LCD Monitor , BT124LCD-B

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  • BT124LCD-B
  • 12V & 24V Lead Acid Battery LCD Monitor , BT124LCD-B
  • Battery Fighter
  • Battery Fighter
  • Battery & Charge Monitor

The Battery Fighter 12V/24V Battery Guardian is a portable LCD tester that monitors the status & welfare of your lead acid battery.

Suitable for all types of 12V & 24V lead acid batteries – automotive, marine, cyclic, standby, sealed, flooded, AGM & Gel.

* Low power consumption

* No internal battery required

* Backlight Illumination

* 4 numeric characters to indicate battery voltage

* Symbols to indicate battery & alternator status

* Three different connecing cables included – alligator clips, ring terminals, car lighter plug

* LED indicator for deep discharged batteries

* 12V / 24V selectable

* Compact design

* User friendly with easy installation


  • 210g
  • 8.8 X 6 X 3cm
  • 8.8cm
  • 6cm
  • 3cm


  • Battery Fighter BT124LCD-B


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