Personal & Healthcare (6)
Medical Batteries (6)
A-G (6)
  • Airshields – Vickers – Narco Open Cot Radiant Warmer Medical Battery, 7.2V, 200mAh, NiMH, Mst, MB283A

  • Airshields 12000 Oxygen Monitor Medical Battery, 4V, 1000mAh, SLA, Sonnenschein, A204/1.0K

  • Airshields C450 Medical Battery, 8.4V, 350mAh, NiMH, Mst, MB64

  • Airshields Jaundice meter 101 Medical Battery, 4.8V, 270mAh, NiCd, Mst, MB68

  • Airshields Micro Trans Illuminator Medical Battery, 7.2V, 1800mAh, NiCd, Mst, MB69

  • Airshields Narco Cardiac Monitor Medical Battery, 8V, 2500mAh, SLA, Sonnenschein, A208/2.5S

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