Energizer Torch Hardcase LED Tactical with 2AA size batteries, MIL2AA2

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  • Energizer torch MIL2AA2
  • Energizer Torch Hardcase LED Tactical with 2AA size batteries, MIL2AA2
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Energizer Hardcase LED Tactical Torch with 2AA size batteries.

In military ops, law enforcement and security, lives can depend on light. Energizer Hard Case™ Tactical meets the challenge with white, red, blue and infrared light in one lightweight, super tough flashlight designed specifically for military and police users.

  • 70 lumens
  • Lamps – White Luxeon LED (70 lumens) Additional Lamps – Red and Blue LED, Infrared LED
  • Survives 6m drop
  • 1 watt white LED’s
  • Runs on 2 AA-size batteries
  • As the world’s largest manufacturer of portable lighting products, Energizer has drawn on years of experience, along with the latest technology, to offer high-quality products with a a range of unique features for professionals.

    Advanced LED Technology – Light Emitting Diode technology produces high quality light that is extremely power-efficient and cost saving. It is virtually unbreakable making it perfect for rugged or demanding environments.

    Tool Quality – Designed for reliability and robustness

    Extended Runtime – LED technology requires fewer battery changes, saving you both time and money.





    Available May 2009


    • Energizer torch MIL2AA2


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