Apple Ipod Photo MP3 MP4 PMP Media Player Battery 3.7V 900mAh Li-Ion IPOD0206SL


  • Product Model: IPOD0206SL
  • Chemistry: Lithium Ion (LiIon)
  • Type:
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Capacity: 900mAh
  • Size:
  • Information Link:

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Apple Ipod Photo MP3 MP4 PMP Media Player Battery 3.7V 900mAh Li-Ion IPOD0206SL

Simpower has a full range of Replacement MP3 MP4 PMP Media Player Batteries. See below which model this battery is compatible with.

What is a Replacement Battery? Please see the following document for information on what a replacement battery is.

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    Great service, so speedy

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Technology Charged:
Standard Charge Current:
Standard Current Charge Time:
Quick Charge Current:


Manufactured By:


Technology:Lithium Ion (LiIon)
Length:0.577 cm
Width/Diameter:5.114 cm
Height:3.578 cm
Cell Profile:


Compatible Parts:
  • Apple 616-0206
Compatible Models:
  • Apple Ipod Photo
  • Apple Photo 40GB M9585ZR/A
  • Apple Photo 40GB M9585LL/A
  • Apple iPODd U2 20GB Color Display MA127
  • Photo40GB M9585CH/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9830Z/A
  • Apple Photo 40GB M9585
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9830LL/A
  • Apple Photo 30GB M9829TA/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9830FE/A
  • Apple Photo 30GB M9829J/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9830CH/A
  • Apple Photo 30GB M9829DK/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9830
  • Apple Photo 30GB M9829/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9586X/A
  • Apple Photo M9830* 60GB
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9586KH/A
  • Apple Photo M9586*/A 60GB
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9586CH/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9586
  • Apple Photo 40GB M9585X/A
  • Apple Photo 40GB M9585KH/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9585J/A
  • Apple Photo 40GB M9585B/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9830X/A
  • Apple Photo 30GB M9829Z/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9830KH/A
  • Apple Photo 30GB M9829LL/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9830FD/A
  • Apple Photo 30GB M9829FE/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9830B/A
  • Apple Photo 30GB M9829CH/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9586ZV/A
  • Apple Photo 30GB M9829
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9586TA/A
  • Apple Photo M9829*/A 30GB
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9586J/A
  • Apple Photo M9586* 60GB
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9586B/A
  • Apple Photo 40GB M9585ZV/A
  • Apple Photo 40GB M9585TA/A
  • Apple Photo 40GB M9585FE/A
  • Apple Photo 40GB M9585/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9830TA/A
  • Apple Photo 30GB M9829X/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9830J/A
  • Apple Photo 30GB M9829KH/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9830DK/A
  • Apple Photo 30GB M9829FD/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9830/A
  • Apple Photo 30GB M9829B/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9586ZR/A
  • Apple Photo M9830*/A 60GB
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9586LL/A
  • Apple Photo M9829* 30GB
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9586FE/A
  • Apple Photo 60GB M9586/A