Makita BCS550 Power Tool Battery 18V 4500mAh Li-Ion MKT830PH


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Product Model:MKT830PH
Product Name:Makita BCS550 Power Tool Battery 18V 4500mAh Li-Ion MKT830PH
Manufactured By:CS


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Makita BCS550 Power Tool Battery 18V 4500mAh Li-Ion MKT830PH

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40 Years Experience
SIMPOWER is at the forefront of battery technology. With 40 years of expertise and experience in research contracts, design and developing of both new technology cells and specialist industrial battery applications.

In other words from concept of cells to production manufacturing, SIMPOWER knows how to achieve customer satisfaction.

Own Manufacturing
SIMPOWER has its own manufacturing plant with state of the art welding and manufacturing equipment servicing all parts of New Zealand from the southern to northern end of the country with a quick efficient service. They offer free technical advice* on battery selection and pack design and have extensive technical advice.

SIMPOWER offers a unique facility and service of repacking battery packs for equipment which is no longer produced or perhaps difficult to source. Where possible they replace existing cells with increased capacity batteries to improved customers run time and service life if possible.

* Advice is free for the first 60 minutes, or part thereof. All subsequent advise will be billed at the SIMPOWER hourly rate or an agreed amount, subject to subsequent sales.

SIMPOWER has extensive knowledge and expertise of cells and battery pack build and is an exclusive distributor in NZ for SAFT, a world leader and innovator in cell technologies, as well as an approved distributor for PANASONIC, SENTRY, EVE, ARTS Energy and a supplier of FDK, DURACELL, Sonnenschein among others. SIMPOWER carries a wide range of many brands in stock and has the ability to source all leading brands from the global market place.

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Technology Charged:
Standard Charge Current:
Standard Current Charge Time:
Quick Charge Current:


Technology:Lithium Ion (LiIon)
Length:8.601 cm
Width/Diameter:11.434 cm
Height:7.561 cm
Cell Profile:


Compatible Parts:Makita 194205-3, Makita BL1815, Makita BL1830, Makita BL1835, Makita LXT400, Makita 194204-5, Makita 194309-1
Compatible Models:Makita BCS550, Makita BCS550Z, Makita BDA350, Makita BDA350Z, Makita BDF450, Makita BDF451, Makita BDF451Z, Makita BDF452, Makita BDF453SHE, Makita BDF454Z, Makita BFR550L, Makita BFR550Z, Makita BFR750, Makita BFR750L, Makita BFR750Z, Makita BFS450, Makita BFS450RFE, Makita BFS450Z, Makita BGA452, Makita BGA452Z, Makita BHP450, Makita BHP451, Makita BHP451SFE, Makita BHP451Z, Makita BHP452, Makita BHP453, Makita BHP454, Makita BHP454Z, Makita BHR202, Makita BHR202RFE, Makita BHR202Z, Makita BHR240, Makita BHR240Z, Makita BHR241, Makita BHR241Z, Makita BJR181, Makita BJR181X, Makita BJR181X1, Makita BJR181Z, Makita BJR182, Makita BJR182X, Makita BJR182Z, Makita BJS130, Makita BJS130Z, Makita BJV180, Makita BJV180Z, Makita BML184, Makita BML185, Makita BPB180, Makita BPB180Z, Makita BSS501, Makita BSS501Z, Makita BSS610, Makita BSS610SFE, Makita BSS610X2, Makita BSS610Z, Makita BSS611X, Makita BSS611Z, Makita BST221Z, Makita BTD140, Makita BTD140SFE, Makita BTD140Z, Makita BTD141, Makita BTD141Z, Makita BTD144, Makita BTD144RFE, Makita BTD144Z, Makita BTDW251Z, Makita BTL061, Makita BTL061Z, Makita BTL063, Makita BTL063Z, Makita BTP140, Makita BTP140Z, Makita BTW251, Makita BTW251Z, Makita BTW253, Makita BTW253Z, Makita BTW450, Makita BTW450Z, Makita BUB182, Makita BUB182Z, Makita BVR350, Makita BVR350Z, Makita BVR450, Makita BVR450Z, Makita BVR850, Makita BVR850Z, Makita DF454D, Makita DF454DRFX, Makita DF454DZ, Makita HP454D, Makita HP454DRFX, Makita HP454DZ, Makita HR202D, Makita HR202DRFX, Makita HR202DZK, Makita JR120D, Makita JR120DRF, Makita JR120DZK, Makita ML185, Makita MR100, Makita MR100W, Makita PB108D, Makita PB108DRFX, Makita PB108DZ, Makita TD140D, Makita TD144DRFX, Makita TD144DZ, Makita TD251DRFX, Makita TD251DZ, Makita TW251D, Makita BL1815, Makita CF201DZ, Makita CF201DZW, Makita MR050, Makita BCL180F, Makita BCL180W, Makita BCL180ZW, Makita BCS550F, Makita BCS550RFE, Makita BDA350F, Makita BDA350RFE, Makita BDA351RFE, Makita BDF451RFE, Makita BDF452SHE, Makita BDF454F, Makita BDF454RFE, Makita BDF456RFE, Makita BDF456Z, Makita BFR550F, Makita BFR550RFE, Makita BFR750F, Makita BFR750RFE, Makita BFS450F, Makita BFS451RFE, Makita BGA452F, Makita BGA452RFE, Makita BGD800Z, Makita BHP452HW, Makita BHP452RFE, Makita BHP452SHE, Makita BHP452Z, Makita BHP453RHE, Makita BHP453SHE, Makita BHP454F, Makita BHP454RFE, Makita BHP456RFE, Makita BHR202F, Makita BHR241F, Makita BHR241RFE, Makita BHS630RFE, Makita BHS630Z, Makita BJR181F, Makita BJR181RF, Makita BJR181RFE, Makita BJR182F, Makita BJS101RFE, Makita BJS130F, Makita BJS161F, Makita BJS161RFE, Makita BJV180F, Makita BJV180RF, Makita BJV180RFE, Makita BLS713RFE, Makita BML185W, Makita BPB180F, Makita BPT351RFE, Makita BSS501F, Makita BSS501RFE, Makita BSS610F, Makita BSS610RF, Makita BSS610RFE, Makita BSS611F, Makita BST221F, Makita BST221RFE, Makita BTD140RFE, Makita BTD142HW, Makita BTD142SHE, Makita BTD145RFE, Makita BTD146D, Makita BTD146RFE, Makita BTD146Z, Makita BTL061F, Makita BTL061RFE, Makita BTL063F, Makita BTP140F, Makita BTP140RFE, Makita BTP141RFX2, Makita BTW251F, Makita BTW251FX1, Makita BTW251RFE, Makita BTW251ZX1, Makita BTW253F, Makita BTW253RFE, Makita BTW450F, Makita BTW450FX1, Makita BTW450RFE, Makita BTW450ZX1, Makita BUB182F, Makita BUC122RFE, Makita BVC350Z, Makita BVF154RF, Makita BVR350F, Makita BVR450F, Makita BVR450RFE, Makita BVR850F, Makita D145DRFX, Makita DA350DRF, Makita FXBDF452RFE, Makita GD800DRF, Makita GD800DZ, Makita HP451RFE, Makita HS630DRFX, Makita HS630DRFXW, Makita HS630DZ, Makita HS630DZW, Makita KP180DRF, Makita KP180DZ, Makita LXCV02Z1, Makita LXDG01, Makita LXDT01, Makita LXDT04Z1, Makita XDT06Z, Makita LXFD01, Makita LXFD01CW, Makita LXLC01, Makita LXLC01Z1, Makita LXLM01W, Makita LXPH01, Makita LXPH01C1, Makita LXPH03Z, Makita LXPK01, Makita LXPK01Z, Makita LXPK01Z1, Makita LXSF01, Makita LXSF01Z1, Makita LXSL01, Makita LXSL01Z, Makita LXSL01Z1, Makita LXTP01Z1, Makita ML184, Makita ML184 FlashLight, Makita MUH401DRF, Makita MUH401DZ, Makita MUH461DRF, Makita MUH461DZ, Makita PT351DRF, Makita PT351DZK, Makita TD144D, Makita TD145DRFXB, Makita TD145DRFXL, Makita TD145DRFXP, Makita TD145DRFXW, Makita TD146DRFP, Makita TD146DRFX, Makita TD146DRFXB, Makita TD146DRFXL, Makita TD146DRFXW, Makita TL061DRF, Makita TP140DRFX, Makita TP141DRFX, Makita TP141DZ, Makita TW450DRBJS130RFE, Makita BHR242RFE, Makita BHR242RFEV, Makita BHR242Z, Makita BJS130RFE, Makita BPJ140, Makita BPJ180, Makita BTD145Z, Makita W450DR, Makita BFS451Z, Makita BGD800RFE, Makita BHP451RFE, Makita BHP456RFE3, Makita BHP456RFWX, Makita BHP456Z, Makita BHR202RFE3, Makita BHR202RFWX, Makita BHR243RFE, Makita BHR243RFEV, Makita BHR243Z, Makita BML800, Makita BML801, Makita BTP141, Makita BMR050, Makita BJN161, Makita JV180DRF, Makita PJ180DRF, Makita SC162DRF, Makita TM50DRF, Makita UC122D, Makita BCF201, Makita BCF201Z, Makita BCL180, Makita BCL180Z, Makita BCL182, Makita BCL182Z, Makita BDA351, Makita BDA351Z, Makita BDF452RFE, Makita BDF452RHE, Makita BDF452Z, Makita BDF453RHE, Makita BDF453Z, Makita BDF458, Makita BGA402RFE, Makita BGA402Z, Makita BGD800, Makita BGD801, Makita BGD801RFE, Makita BGD801Z, Makita BHP453RFE, Makita BHP453RHEX, Makita BHP453Z, Makita BHP458, Makita BJS161, Makita BJS161Z, Makita BML185 FlashLight, Makita BML186, Makita BO180D, Makita BO180DRF, Makita BO180DZ, Makita BPT351, Makita BPT351Z, Makita BST221X, Makita BTD142RHE, Makita BTD142Z, Makita BTD146SHE, Makita BTD147, Makita BTM50, Makita BTM50RFE, Makita BTM50Z, Makita BTM50ZX5, Makita BTP141Z, Makita BTW251X, Makita BTW450X, Makita BTW450ZX, Makita BTW451, Makita CL180FD, Makita CL180FDRFW, Makita CL180FDZW, Makita L182FD, Makita CL182FDRFW, Makita DF458DRFX, Makita DF458DZ, Makita GA402DRF, Makita GA402DZ, Makita HP458DRFX, Makita HP458DZ, Makita HR242DRFX, Makita HR242DRFXV, Makita JR182DRF, Makita JR182DZK, Makita LXCV02Z, Makita LXDG01Z, Makita LXDG01Z1, Makita LXDT01Z, Makita LXDT01Z1, Makita LXDT04Z, Makita LXFD01Z, Makita LXLC01Z, Makita LXPH01Z, Makita LXPH05, Makita LXPH05Z, Makita LXTP01, Makita LXTP01Z, Makita LXWT01, Makita LXWT01Z, Makita ML800, Makita ML801, Makita MUH263DRF, Makita MUH263DZ, Makita MUM168DRF, Makita MUM168DZ, Makita MUR181DRF, Makita MUR181DZ, Makita MUS104DSH, Makita MUS104DZ, Makita MUS154DSH, Makita MUS154DZ, Makita PB180DRFX, Makita PT351D, Makita TD146DZ, Makita TD147DRFX, Makita TD147DZ, Makita W251DRFX, Makita TW450DRFX, Makita UB182D, Makita UB182DRF, Makita UB182DZ, Makita UB183D, Makita VR350D, Makita VR350DRFX, Makita VR350DZ, Makita VR450D, Makita VR450DRFX, Makita VR450DZ