Mitsubishi A6BAT MRBAT Battery ER17330V 3.6V PLC


  • Product Model: PLC-2/3A-3.6-171
  • Chemistry: Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCl2)
  • Type:
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Capacity: 1600mAh
  • Size: 2/3A
  • Information Link:

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Mitsubishi A6BAT MRBAT 3.6V Specialised Lithium Battery 1600mAh ER17330V

3.6V A6BAT Specialised Lithium Battery 1600mAh, PLC-2/3A-3.6-171, Replaces battery models Mitsubishi, A6BAT, A6BAT-MRBAT, MR-BAT. Eternacell, B9670MC.

MITSUBISHI Electric Lithium battery original type A6BAT (MR-BAT) ER17330V 3.6V cell lithium with wire leaders connector to connect it on your Industrial equipment fitted with MITSUBISHI Electric system.

TerminationThis battery uses connector CE171.


Ensure this is the correct connector for your application. Follow the links for detailed connector drawings.

Suitable for Mitsubishi, A1FXCPU Robot Control, A1 series, A2 series, A3 series, A4 series, A5 series, A73CPU Controllers, MR-J2A Motion Robot Controller, MR-J2S Motion Robot Controller, A1S Series, A2S Series, AnA series, AnS series, A0J2 series, A171 series, A172 series, A173 series, AD71 Positioning Module, AD72 Positioning Module, AD75 Positioning Module, Q Series Motion Control, RH-10AH robot arm series, RH-15AH robot arm series, RH-5AG robot arm series, RH-5AH robot arm series, RP-1AH robot arm series, RP-3AH robot arm series, RP-5AH robot arm series, RV-12S robot arm series, RV-1A robot arm series, RV-2A robot arm series, RV-3A robot arm series, RV-4A robot arm series, RV-5A robot arm series, RV-6S robot arm series.

Hitachi, H Board, H1000 Series, H1002 Series, H200 Series, H2000 Series, H2002 Series, H250 Series, H252 Series, H252B Series, H300 Series, H302 Series, H4010 Series, H700 Series, H702 Series, S390 Series, S490 Series, S590 Series, S690 Series.

Omron, NT2000M, NT20M, NT30, NT30C, NT31, NT31C, NT600M, NT610C, NT631, NT631C.


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Technology Charged:Primary (Non-Rechargeable)
Standard Charge Current:
Standard Current Charge Time:
Quick Charge Current:


Manufactured By:


Technology:Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCl2)
Width/Diameter:1.7 cm
Height:3.35 cm
Cell Profile:


Compatible Parts:
  • Mitsubishi
  • A6BAT
  • MR-BAT. Eternacell
  • B9670MC
Compatible Models:
  • Mitsubishi
  • A1FXCPU Robot Control
  • A1 series
  • A2 series
  • A3 series
  • A4 series
  • A5 series
  • A73CPU Controllers
  • MR-J2A Motion Robot Controller
  • MR-J2S Motion Robot Controller
  • A1S Series
  • A2S Series
  • AnA series
  • AnS series
  • A0J2 series
  • A171 series
  • A172 series
  • A173 series
  • AD71 Positioning Module
  • AD72 Positioning Module
  • AD75 Positioning Module
  • Q Series Motion Control
  • RH-10AH robot arm series
  • RH-15AH robot arm series
  • RH-5AG robot arm series
  • RH-5AH robot arm series
  • RP-1AH robot arm series
  • RP-3AH robot arm series
  • RP-5AH robot arm series
  • RV-12S robot arm series
  • RV-1A robot arm series
  • RV-2A robot arm series
  • RV-3A robot arm series
  • RV-4A robot arm series
  • RV-5A robot arm series
  • RV-6S robot arm series. Hitachi
  • H Board
  • H1000 Series
  • H1002 Series
  • H200 Series
  • H2000 Series
  • H2002 Series
  • H250 Series
  • H252 Series
  • H252B Series
  • H300 Series
  • H302 Series
  • H4010 Series
  • H700 Series
  • H702 Series
  • S390 Series
  • S490 Series
  • S590 Series
  • S690 Series. Omron
  • NT2000M
  • NT20M
  • NT30
  • NT30C
  • NT31
  • NT31C
  • NT600M
  • NT610C
  • NT631
  • NT631C