FANSO ER34615M D Lithium Battery


  • Product Model: ER34615M (F)
  • Chemistry: Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCl2)
  • Type: D Size
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Capacity: 14000mAh
  • Size: D Size
  • Information Link: ER34615M (F).pdf

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Fanso ER34615M D size 3.6V 14000mAh High Power Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery – Spiral Wound Type

Li-Socl2 lithium battery /Li-MnO2 lithium battery have a high and stable operating voltage (lithium 3.6v, lithium manganese 3.0v). FANSO spiral wound cells have a high energy density (700WH/KG lithium, 450WH/KG lithium manganese soft pack) with a long storage life at 25℃ and an annual self-discharge rate of not more than 2% for the ER34615M primary lithium battery.

Wuhan Fanso high power range.

ER34615M Features: FANSO ER34615M Dimensions

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* Long shelf life: self discharge rate less than 1% at 25°C.

* High energy density (700Wh/kg).
* Long operating life.
* Stainless steel container and end caps.
* Wide temperature range: -55ºC ~ 80ºC.
* Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing.
* Non-flammable electrolyte.
* Compliant with IEC86-4 safety standard.
* UL Component Recognition MH46165.
* High and stable operating voltage.

Suitable for applications including:

* Active RFID tags
* Alarm and security systems

* Smoke detectors
* Memory backup power
* Medical
* Professional electronics
* Real time clock

Store in a cool dry place not exceeding 30ºC.

For more information about the FANSO range please contact SIMPOWER here.


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Technology Charged:Primary (Non-Rechargeable)
Standard Charge Current:
Standard Current Charge Time:
Quick Charge Current:


Manufactured By:


Technology:Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCl2)
Size:D Size
Length:6.15 cm
Width/Diameter:3.42 cm
Termination:Flat Top
Cell Profile:Cylindrical


Compatible Parts:
  • LSH20
  • LSH 20
  • LSH20 CNR
  • LSH 20 CNR
  • LSH20 HTS
  • ER34615M
  • ER 34615M
Compatible Models:
  • LSH20
  • LSH 20
  • LSH20 CNR
  • LSH 20 CNR
  • LSH20 HTS
  • ER34615M
  • ER 34615M