3V 8.0Ah Fat LO25SX Lithium Battery, SAFT

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  • LO25SX - 2 tabs
  • 3V 8.0Ah Fat LO25SX Lithium Battery, SAFT
  • Saft
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  • Radio-comms, emergency, security, meters, unmanned vehicles, mil
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SAFT 3V 8.0Ah “Fat” D LO25SX – 2 tabs Lithium Sulfur Dioxide cell with positive & negative tabs Vent Washer Sealing epoxy in topshell, SAFT, 37250140.

The SAFT 3V LO25SX 2 tabs Lithium Sulfur Dioxide, 37250140, is a High drain capability D Size spiral Cell.


  • High and stable discharge voltage
  • High pulse capability
  • Performance not affected by cell orientation
  • Long storage possible before use
  • Ability to withstand extreme temperature
  • Operating temperature range (-60°C to 70°C – Short excursions up to 85ºC possible at currents below 1 A)

Key Features:

  • Low self-discharge rate (less than 1{3212b526d34ab9f0431d08323580d0c6f397b2f64f78fd0a14e1e716e2e8ff60} after 1 year of storage at 20°C)
  • Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing
  • Built in safety vent (at the negative end of the cell)
  • UL component recognition (File number MH 15076)
  • Meets shock, vibration and other environmental requirements of military specifications
  • Made in the USA

Main applications:

  • Radiocommunications and other military applications
  • Beacons and Emergency Location Transmitters
  • Sonobuoys
  • Missiles

Handling precautions:

  • Cell is pressurized at ambient temperature
  • Do not puncture, open or mutilate
  • Do not obstruct the safety vent mechanism
  • Do not short circuit or charge
  • Do not expose to fire or temperatures above 70ºC ( 158ºF)

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Due to IATA regulations, this item may only be shipped by road or sea freight. Information available upon request.


This item is available by indent order and will require a separate quotation to give an accurate delivery time and price based on quantity. The prices published can still be use as a general guide, particularly when quantities are sufficiently high enough to defray the cost of importing and transport.


  • 3V
  • Nominal capacity 8.0Ah - (at 0.27 A 20°C 2.0 V cut off. The capacity restored by the cell varies according to current drain, temperature and cut off)


  • Lithium Sulphur Dioxide (LiSO2)
  • 96g
  • Fat D
  • 3.95cm
  • 5.03cm
  • Solder Tabs


  • LO25SX - 2 tabs, LO 25SX, LO 25 SX


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