Victron Energy PPP012008000 12.8V 8Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery


  • Product Model: PPP012008000
  • Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
  • Type:
  • Voltage: 12.8V
  • Capacity: 8Ah
  • Size:
  • Information Link: PPP012008000.pdf

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Victron Energy PPP012008000 12.8V 8Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Peak Power Pack (PPP) for High Rate Discharge Output up to 150A Continuous / 200A Pulse (10sec)

High rate 12.8V 8Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery module features high rate discharge output while also having built-in protection against excessive battery discharge.

Perfect for use in “movers” – caravan maneuvering systems – and other energy-intensive applications. This 8Ah model is suitable for lighter caravans. For caravans above 1000kg, see Victron models 20Ah and above.

Victron Energy Peak Power Pack Brochure


  • Lightweight and easy to install. Ideal for mobile applications.
  • Effective protection against improper use. Ideal for solar power and other applications where excessive discharge might quickly cause damage to lead acid batteries.
  • Dual output:
    • Output 1: high capacity output for caravan movers
    • Output 2: low capacity output for domestic low DC loads, eg: lighting, audio/video/ pumps, fridges (NOT available on 8Ah model)
  • Dual input:
    • Input 1 “car/solar”: charging while driving or charging with a solar panel. Equipped with voltage and current control for safe charging. In fact, any source of electric power can be connected to this input (e.g. a dynamo or a battery charger), as long as 11V < Vin < 25V. The current limitation is automatically set to a safe value.
    • Input 2 “adapter”: the adapter supplied can be connected to this input. Battery charging current: 3A, and suitable for 110/230V power supply.
  • Storage mode – Reduces power consumption to almost zero. Prevents damage by excessive discharge of the battery during storage.
  • Remote control with status indicator. Push button (supplied) with a dual-colour LED status indicator:
    • Short push of the button: high capacity output activated for 30 minutes (mover applications), LED red.
    • Hold down for 2 seconds: high capacity output always activated, LED red, slow flashing.
    • Hold down for 5 seconds: storage mode, LED blue, flashes 10 times.
    • Battery is charged via input 1, LED blue, slow flashing.
    • Battery fully charged, LED blue.
    • Overload or overheating, LED red, flashes.
  • VE.Direct port: can be connected to a PC or smartphone (‘VE.Direct to USB’ or ‘VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle’ required).
    • Simple operation:
      • Output 1: on / 30-minute timer / off
      • Output 2: on/off
      • Input 1: on/off
    • Scanning:
      • Battery voltage
      • Temperature and alarms


  • Output 1 (mover):
    • Continuous output current: 150A
    • Maximum output current (10 seconds): 200A
    • Short-circuit current: 300A
    • Safety features: Overload, short-circuiting, temperature, excessive discharge
    • Recommended charging voltage: 14V (no protection)
    • Maximum charging voltage: 14.2V (no protection)
    • Maximum cable diameter: 16mm² (screw clamps)
  • Output 2 (domestic):
    • N/A
  • Input 1 (car/solar):
    • Input voltage range: 11 V < Vin < 25 V
    • Current limitation: 7A
  • Input 2 (adaptor):
    • Output voltage: 15V
    • Output current: 3A
    • Input voltage: 110 / 230 V 50 / 60 Hz
  • Temperature (charging and discharging not possible outside the given temperature range):
    • Charge: 0°C to 40ºC
    • Discharge: -20°C to 40ºC
    • Storage: -20°C to 40ºC
  • Maximum Pulse Discharge Current
    • 200000mA

Comes with:

  • Power Supply
  • Embedded LiIon battery charger
  • Camper attachments
  • Cable with Push Button
  • Main Power Input cable to charger


Due to IATA regulations, this item may only be shipped by road or sea freight. Information available upon request.

UN3480 FULLY DECLARED CLASS 9 DANGEROUS GOODS LITHIUM ION BATTERIES – Contains cells/batteries packed in accordance with Packing Instruction P903 from ADG 7.7 & IMDG Code 2020.



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Technology Charged:Secondary (Rechargeable)
Standard Charge Current:
Standard Current Charge Time:
Quick Charge Current:


Manufactured By:


Technology:Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Length:17.2 cm
Width/Diameter:19.0 cm
Height:9.2 cm
Cell Profile:


Compatible Parts:
Compatible Models:
  • PPP-8
  • PPP012008000