Panasonic NCA793540 Lithium Ion Battery


  • Product Model: NCA793540
  • Chemistry: Lithium Ion (LiIon)
  • Type:
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Capacity: 1515mAh
  • Size:
  • Information Link: NCA793540.pdf

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Panasonic NCA793540 3.6V 1515mAh Lithium Ion (LiIon) Battery EACH.

Important Information Regarding Rechargeable Lithium Cells – LITHIUM ION (LiIon) & LITHIUM IRON PHOSPHATE (LiFePO4)

  • Single unprotected cells are available to recognised customers. For safety information please read the Lithium Battery Safety document
  • PLEASE NOTE: All lithium rechargeable cells/packs supplied by Simpower without a Protection Circuit Module (PCM) will require a duly signed Simpower Product Indemnity Waiver (PIW) form. Please click here to download the Simpower Product Indemnity Waiver Form.
  • Do not attempt to charge these batteries using chargers for nickel based batteries or any charger not specifically designed for rechargeable lithium technology.
  • This cell is manufactured for use in a battery pack assembly. It is not intended for use without a protection circuit. For equipment designed to use individual cells a protection circuit can be incorporated. Simpower’s current range of protected lithium ion cells can be viewed on this page.
  • Lithium ion cells can be assembled into single or multi-cell battery packs by authorised pack assembly centres such as our company that have been approved for safety circuit assembly and Lithium Ion pack design.
  • For information on the safety circuits, more commonly known as a PCM, please click here or follow the links to browse Simpower’s range of available PCM’s for Lithium Ion and Lithium Iron Phosphate.
  • Simpower can also provide advice and components for intelligent Battery Management System’s (BMS) addtional to or incorporating PCM’s. It’s recommended that battery packs especially those featuring complex series/parallel cell assemblies incorporate a BMS in their construction. For further information please consult our sales engineering staff.
  • For battery pack design enquiries please contact us with your requirements. If you already have some parameters please click here for a Battery Application work sheet & email it to us.
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    Technology Charged:Secondary (Rechargeable)
    Standard Charge Current:
    Standard Current Charge Time:
    Quick Charge Current:


    Manufactured By:


    Technology:Lithium Ion (LiIon)
    Length:7.76 cm
    Width/Diameter:35 cm
    Height:40.3 cm
    Cell Profile:


    Compatible Parts:
    Compatible Models:
    • NCA793540