Power Long INR26650-55A Lithium Ion 3.6V 5.5Ah Cylindrical Cell


  • Product Model: INR26650-55A
  • Chemistry: Lithium Ion (LiIon)
  • Type: 26650
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Capacity: 5.5Ah
  • Size:
  • Information Link: INR26650-55A.pdf

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Power Long INR26650-55A Lithium Ion 3.6V 5.5Ah Cylindrical Cell

INR26650-55A 3.6V 5.5Ah NiCoMn(NCM) battery cell for Motorcycle and Tricycle has been successfully qualified with The National Mandatory Inspection, which is widely used in electric buses, electric logistics trucks, electric special vehicles, power station, energy storage system and so on with high security, high consistency and high reliability characteristics.

Important Information Regarding Rechargeable Lithium Cells – LITHIUM ION (LiIon) & LITHIUM IRON PHOSPHATE (LiFePO4)

  • Single unprotected cells are available to recognised customers. For safety information please read the section in our FAQs on battery safety
  • PLEASE NOTE: All lithium rechargeable cells/packs supplied by Simpower without a Protection Circuit Module (PCM) will require a duly signed Product Indemnity Waiver (PIW) Simpower Indemnity Form Li-Ion Pack
  • Do not attempt to charge these batteries using chargers for nickel based batteries or any charger not specifically designed for rechargeable lithium technology.
  • This cell is manufactured for use in a battery pack assembly. It is not intended for use without a protection circuit. For equipment designed to use individual cells a protection circuit can be incorporated. Check out Simpower’s current range of protected lithium ion cells.
  • Lithium ion cells can be assembled into single or multi-cell battery packs by authorised pack assembly centres such as our company that have been approved for safety circuit assembly and Lithium Ion pack design.
  • For information on the safety circuits, more commonly known as a PCM, please click here for Protected_Circuit_Board_info or contact us.
  • For battery pack design enquiries please contact us with your requirements. If you already have some parameters please click here for a Battery Application work sheet and email it to us.


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Technology Charged:Secondary (Rechargeable)
Standard Charge Current:
Standard Current Charge Time:
Quick Charge Current:


Manufactured By:


Technology:Lithium Ion (LiIon)
Width/Diameter:2.67 cm
Height:6.52 cm
Cell Profile:Cylindrical


Compatible Parts:
Compatible Models:
  • INR26650-55A