Asus K45D Laptop Batteries, 10.8V, 4400mAh / 47.52Wh, Li-Ion x 6, AUK55NB

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  • AUK55NB
  • Asus K45D Laptop Batteries, 10.8V, 4400mAh / 47.52Wh, Li-Ion x 6, AUK55NB
  • CS
  • Asus

Simpower has a full range of replacement Asus Laptop & Notebook Batteries and Laptop & Notebook Battery packs. See below which model this Asus Laptop & Notebook Battery is compatible with.

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Please be aware that the changes in the IATA regulations for batteries is impacting on some of our air consignments from overseas – apologies in advance if this affects your order.


  • 10.8V
  • 4400mAh
  • 47.52Wh


  • Li-Ion x 6
  • 2.206 X 27.043 X 5.267cm
  • 2.206cm
  • 27.043cm
  • 5.267cm
  • Black


  • Asus A32-K55, Asus A33-K55, Asus A41-K55, Asus 0B110-00050400, Asus 0B110-00050600
  • Asus R700, Asus X55, Asus K45D, Asus K45DE, Asus K45DR, Asus K45N, Asus K45V, Asus K45VD, Asus K45VG, Asus K45VM, Asus K45VS, Asus K55, Asus K55A, Asus K55D, Asus K55DE, Asus K55DR, Asus K55N, Asus K55V, Asus K55VD, Asus K55VM, Asus K55VS, Asus K75, Asus K75A, Asus K75D, Asus K75DE, Asus K75V, Asus K75VD, Asus K75VM, Asus A55A, Asus A55D, Asus A55DE, Asus A55DR, Asus A55N, Asus A55V, Asus A55VD, Asus A55VM, Asus A55VS, Asus A45, Asus A45D, Asus A45DE, Asus A45DR, Asus A45N, Asus A45V, Asus A45VD, Asus A45VG, Asus A45VM, Asus A45VS, Asus A55, Asus A75, Asus A75A, Asus A75D, Asus A75DE, Asus A75V, Asus A75VD, Asus A75VM, Asus K45, Asus   K55DR, Asus R400, Asus R400D, Asus R400DE, Asus R400DR, Asus R400N, Asus R400V, Asus R400VD, Asus R400VG, Asus R400VM, Asus R400VS, Asus R500, Asus R500A, Asus R500D, Asus R500DE, Asus R500DR, Asus R500N, Asus R500V, Asus R500VD, Asus R500VM, Asus R500VS, Asus R700A, Asus R700D, Asus R700DE, Asus R700V, Asus R700VD, Asus R700VM, Asus U57, Asus U57A, Asus U57V, Asus U57VD, Asus U57VM, Asus X45, Asus X45A, Asus X45C, Asus X45U, Asus X45V, Asus X45VD, Asus X55A, Asus X55C, Asus X55U, Asus X55V, Asus X55VD, Asus X75, Asus X75A, Asus X75V, Asus X75VD


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