Msi A5000 Laptop Notebook Battery 11.1V 6600mAh Li-Ion MSR620HB


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Product Model:MSR620HB
Product Name:Msi A5000 Laptop Notebook Battery 11.1V 6600mAh Li-Ion MSR620HB
Manufactured By:CS
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Msi A5000 Laptop Notebook Battery 11.1V 6600mAh Li-Ion MSR620HB

Simpower has a full range of Replacement Laptop Notebook Batteries. See below which model this battery is compatible with.

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40 Years Experience
SIMPOWER is at the forefront of battery technology. With 40 years of expertise and experience in research contracts, design and developing of both new technology cells and specialist industrial battery applications.

In other words from concept of cells to production manufacturing, SIMPOWER knows how to achieve customer satisfaction.

Own Manufacturing
SIMPOWER has its own manufacturing plant with state of the art welding and manufacturing equipment servicing all parts of New Zealand from the southern to northern end of the country with a quick efficient service. They offer free technical advice* on battery selection and pack design and have extensive technical advice.

SIMPOWER offers a unique facility and service of repacking battery packs for equipment which is no longer produced or perhaps difficult to source. Where possible they replace existing cells with increased capacity batteries to improved customers run time and service life if possible.

* Advice is free for the first 60 minutes, or part thereof. All subsequent advise will be billed at the SIMPOWER hourly rate or an agreed amount, subject to subsequent sales.

SIMPOWER has extensive knowledge and expertise of cells and battery pack build and is an exclusive distributor in NZ for SAFT, a world leader and innovator in cell technologies, as well as an approved distributor for PANASONIC, SENTRY, EVE, ARTS Energy and a supplier of FDK, DURACELL, Sonnenschein among others. SIMPOWER carries a wide range of many brands in stock and has the ability to source all leading brands from the global market place.

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Technology Charged:
Standard Charge Current:
Standard Current Charge Time:
Quick Charge Current:


Length:2.419 cm
Width/Diameter:16.365 cm
Height:8.752 cm
Cell Profile:


Compatible Parts:Msi 957-173XXP-101, Msi 957-173XXP-102, Msi BTY-L74, Msi BTY-L75, MSI MS-1682, MSI 91NMS17LD4SU1, MSI 91NMS17LF6SU1, MSI S9N-2062210-M47
Compatible Models:Msi A5000, Msi A6005, Msi A7200, Msi CR500, Msi CR600, Msi CR610, Msi CR620, Msi CR700, Msi CX500, Msi CX600, Msi CX605, Msi CX620, Msi CX620MX, Msi CX620X, Msi CX623, Msi CX700, MSI MSI A6000, MSI MSI A6200, MSI CR600-001US, MSI CR600-013US, MSI CR600-017US, MSI CR600-234US, MSI CR610-001NL, MSI CR610-011IT, MSI CR610-013, MSI CR610-013UK, MSI CR610-016UK, MSI CR610-0W1XBL, MSI CR610-050BE, MSI CR610-060XPL, MSI CR610-028X,CR610-026XCZ, MSI CR610-027XSK, MSI CR610-031LRU, MSI CR610-063BE, MSI CR610-028XHU, MSI CR610-070X, MSI CR610-081XHU, MSI CR610 C61M32-HDSB, MSI CR610-M1005Q, MSI CR610-M1023W7P, MSI CR610-M1025W7P, MSI CR610-M1226W7P, MSI CR610-M3243W7P, MSI CR610-062NL, MSI CR610-075AR, MSI CR610-003HU, MSI CR610-005, MSI CR610-006, MSI CR610-006NE, MSI CR610-033, MSI CX610-050BE, MSI CR610-051, MSI CR610-058PL, MSI CR610-059PL, MSI CR610-007PL, MSI CR610-009PL, MSI CR610-070XEU, MSI CR610-091XBL, MSI CR610-092XAR, MSI CR610-097RU, MSI CR610-M320, MSI CR610-0W2XEU, MSI CR610-061XPL, MSI CR610 MS-3801, MSI CR610 MS-6890, MSI CR610 MS-6891, MSI CR700-012US, MSI CR700-047US, MSI CR700-204BE, MSI CR700-017CA, MSI CR700-099NL, MSI CR700-013NL, MSI CR700-206RU, MSI CR700-211, MSI CR700-024, MSI CR700-034, MSI CR700-075, MSI CR700-071XHU, MSI CR700-068XEU, MSI CR700-211FR, MSI CR700-2226, MSI CR700-200BE, MSI CR700-202XEU, MSI CR700-223LRU,CR700 MS-1734, MSI CR700-T3035FD, MSI CR700-038PL, MSI CR700-070XSK, MSI CR700-220XCZ, MSI CR700-223L, MSI CR700-063X, MSI CR700-060X, MSI CR700-221XSK, MSI CR700-231, MSI CR700-205NE, MSI CR700-T6600, MSI CR700X-029EU, MSI CR700-085FR, MSI CX600-064UK, MSI CX600-049US, MSI CX-600-T4343W7P, MSI CX620-008XEU, MSI CX620-013XEU, MSI CX620-019NE, MSI CX620-035AU, MSI CX620-061, MSI CX620-223BE, MSI CR630-002XUA,CR630-009,CR630-010, MSI CR630-010X,CR630-015CZ,CR630-018NL, MSI CR630-020NE,CR630-022XIT,CR630-024XCZ, MSI CR630-025XHU,CR630-034X,CR630-042PL, MSI CR630-043XPL, MSI CR630-044PL, MSI CR630-056, MSI CR630-088XYU, MSI CR630-Blu-Ray, MSI CR630-P3443W7P, MSI CR630-V1216FD, MSI CR630-V1225FD, MSI CR630-V1225W7P, MSI MS-1681, MSI MS-1683, MSI MS-1731, MSI MS-1734, MSI MS-1736, MSI CX500-004RU, MSI CX500-006, MSI CX500-010TR, MSI CX500-016RU, MSI CX500-026L, MSI CX500-037LRU, MSI CX500-296BE, MSI CX500-299, MSI CX500-299XEU, MSI CX500-034, MSI CX500-402XHU, MSI CX500-403XBL, MSI CX500-404X, MSI CX500-406TR, MSI CX500-408IT, MSI CX500-414, MSI CX500-414IT, MSI CX500-416XEU, MSI CX500-419XHU, MSI CX500-427LUA, MSI CX500-428LUA, MSI CX500-429LUA, MSI CX500-430LUA, MSI CX500-431UA, MSI CX500-432UA, MSI CX500-441XCN, MSI CX500-444NL, MSI CX500-457,CX500-457RU, MSI CX500-472, MSI CX500-472RU, MSI CX500-476L, MSI CX500-490L, MSI CX500-492, MSI CX500-497,CX500-498, MSI CX500-498RU, MSI CX500-499BE, MSI CX500-604XBL, MSI CX500-605XEU, MSI CX500-607SK, MSI CX500-DX-638SK, MSI CX500-DX-639XEU, MSI CX500-T4543W7P, MSI CX500-T6602G50SX, MSI CX500-T6648W7P, MSI CX623-005NL, MSI CX623-006BE, MSI CX623-007NE, MSI CX623-01, MSI CX623-014XEU, MSI CX623-015CZ, MSI CX623-017XHU, MSI CX623-018XBL, MSI CX623-019X, MSI CX623-019XEU, MSI CX623-02, MSI CX623-020CZ, MSI CX623-021SK, MSI CX623-022XHU, MSI CX623-023NL, MSI CX623-025, MSI CX623-025NE, MSI CX623-028BL, MSI CX623-033, MSI CX623-033FR, MSI CX623-034IT, MSI CX623-043, MSI CX623-048XUA, MSI CX623-049NL, MSI CX623-051NE, MSI CX623-052CZ, MSI CX623-054XEU, MSI CX623-055XHU, MSI CX623-056, MSI CX623-058XBY, MSI CX623-073CZ, MSI CX623-076XHU, MSI CX623-079PL, MSI CX623-079XPL, MSI CX623-081NL, MSI CX623-084NL, MSI CX623-085BE, MSI CX623-087X, MSI CX623-087XEU, MSI CX623-088X, MSI CX623-088XHU, MSI CX623-096UK, MSI CX623-168A, MSI CX623-201, MSI CX623-219, MSI CX623-AS, MSI CX623-i3743W7P, MSI CX623-i5443, MSI CX623-i5443W7P, MSI CX623-i5647W7P, MSI CX623-P6033W7P