Navigon 1200 USB Charger/Data Cable for Mini USB devices (consumer packaged), Enecharger, CDC-MINI-BP1

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  • CDC-MINI-BP1 Navigon
  • Navigon 1200 USB Charger/Data Cable for Mini USB devices (consumer packaged), Enecharger, CDC-MINI-BP1
  • Enecharger
  • Navigon

USB Charger/Data Cable for Navigon Mini USB devices (consumer packaged)

This item is consumer packaged in clamshell packaging. Bulk pack is also available.
About Enecharger

The enecharger series of portable device chargers/power adaptors offers a total charging solution for most modern digital devices including:

* mobile phones

* tablets

* PDAs

* portable games

* digital cameras

* portable media players

* GPS devices

* most other devices that can be charged from a USB power source

Now the average household can use one charger/power adaptor for most devices rather than needing a different fixed plug charger for each individual device.

The key components that make up the versatile enecharger range are the AC or DC power supplies, a diverse range of adaptor plugs and adaptor cables# that can be purchased in ready-to-go kits or separately as required when users change their devices.

The enecharger USB power cable affords users the freedom to charge their devices at home, in the office or on the go from any USB power source.

Power input options available sold as kits or as individual components. To find available options, select by brand and model click here to view the complete range. You can also download our Mobile/Multimedia USB Charger Component Chart for easy reference.

*Please note some devices use a USB adaptor cable for power/charging and also for communications/uploading/downloading with a computer. Except where marked#, the enecharger range is designed primarily for power/charging so may not always work for communication with a computer.

#Adaptor cables beginning with prefix CDC are both charge & data communications cables.

See below which device this adaptor is suitable for.

See below which Device this charger is suitable for.


  • 100cm
  • Connector


  • Navigon 1200, Navigon 1210, Navigon 1300, Navigon 1310, Navigon 20 Easy, Navigon 20 Plus, Navigon 2100, Navigon 2100 max, Navigon 2110, Navigon 2110 max, Navigon 2150 max, Navigon 2200, Navigon 2210, Navigon 2300, Navigon 2310, Navigon 2400, Navigon 2510 Explorer, Navigon 3040, Navigon 3100, Navigon 3110, Navigon 330 0max, Navigon 3310 max, Navigon 40 Easy, Navigon 40 Essential, Navigon 40 Plus, Navigon 40 Premium, Navigon 40 Premium Live, Navigon 42 Easy, Navigon 42 Plus, Navigon 42 Premium, Navigon 4310 max, Navigon 4350 max, Navigon 5100, Navigon 5110, Navigon 6000, Navigon 6000T, Navigon 6310, Navigon 6350, Navigon 7000, Navigon 70 Easy, Navigon 70 Plus, Navigon 70 Premium, Navigon 70 Premium Live, Navigon 7100, Navigon 7110, Navigon 7210, Navigon 72 Easy, Navigon 72 Plus, Navigon 72 Premium, Navigon 7310, Navigon 8110, Navigon 8310, Navigon 8410, Navigon 8410 Premium Edition, Navigon 8450 Live, Navigon 92 Plus, Navigon 92 Premium, Navigon 92 Premium Live, Navigon PNA6000, Navigon PNA6000T, Navigon PNA7000, Navigon PNA7000T, Navigon Transonic 3040


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