Medion GoPal E3115 USB Charger/Data Cable for Mini USB devices (consumer packaged), Enecharger, CDC-MINI-BP1

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  • CDC-MINI-BP1 Medion
  • Medion GoPal E3115 USB Charger/Data Cable for Mini USB devices (consumer packaged), Enecharger, CDC-MINI-BP1
  • Enecharger
  • Medion

USB Charger/Data Cable for Medion Mini USB devices (consumer packaged)

This item is consumer packaged in clamshell packaging. Bulk pack is also available.
About Enecharger

The enecharger series of portable device chargers/power adaptors offers a total charging solution for most modern digital devices including:

* mobile phones

* tablets

* PDAs

* portable games

* digital cameras

* portable media players

* GPS devices

* most other devices that can be charged from a USB power source

Now the average household can use one charger/power adaptor for most devices rather than needing a different fixed plug charger for each individual device.

The key components that make up the versatile enecharger range are the AC or DC power supplies, a diverse range of adaptor plugs and adaptor cables# that can be purchased in ready-to-go kits or separately as required when users change their devices.

The enecharger USB power cable affords users the freedom to charge their devices at home, in the office or on the go from any USB power source.

Power input options available sold as kits or as individual components. To find available options, select by brand and model click here to view the complete range. You can also download our Mobile/Multimedia USB Charger Component Chart for easy reference.

*Please note some devices use a USB adaptor cable for power/charging and also for communications/uploading/downloading with a computer. Except where marked#, the enecharger range is designed primarily for power/charging so may not always work for communication with a computer.

#Adaptor cables beginning with prefix CDC are both charge & data communications cables.

See below which device this adaptor is suitable for.

See below which Device this charger is suitable for.


  • 100cm
  • Connector


  • Medion MD96220, Medion GoPal E3115, Medion Gopal E3210, Medion GoPal E3215, Medion Gopal E3230, Medion Gopal E3240, Medion GoPal E3315, Medion GoPal E3415, Medion GoPal E4110, Medion Gopal E4125, Medion Gopal E4135, Medion Gopal E4145, Medion Gopal E4230, Medion Gopal E4235, Medion Gopal E4240, Medion Gopal E4245, Medion Gopal E4410, Medion Gopal E4430, Medion Gopal E4435, Medion Gopal E4440, Medion Gopal E4445, Medion Gopal E4460, Medion Gopal E5455, Medion GoPal P4210, Medion GoPal P4410, Medion Gopal P4430, Medion Gopal P4435, Medion Gopal P4440, Medion Gopal P4630, Medion Gopal P5235, Medion Gopal P5430, Medion Gopal P5435, Medion GoPal PNA 315, Medion Gopal S2310, Medion Gopal S3647, Medion Gopal S3857, Medion Gopal X4345, Medion Gopal X4545, Medion Gopal X5535, Medion MD95647, Medion MD95668, Medion MD95698, Medion MD95740, Medion MD95762, Medion MD95780, Medion MD95799, Medion MD95871, Medion MD95873, Medion MD95875, Medion MD95877, Medion MD95879, Medion MD96012, Medion MD96050, Medion MD96052, Medion MD96054, Medion MD96064, Medion MD96080, Medion MD96106, Medion MD96112, Medion MD96129, Medion MD96130, Medion MD96131, Medion MD96132, Medion MD96133, Medion MD96134, Medion MD96155, Medion MD96173, Medion MD96174, Medion MD96179, Medion MD96180, Medion MD96187, Medion MD96188, Medion MD96190, Medion MD96204, Medion MD96205, Medion MD96212, Medion MD96213, Medion MD96240, Medion MD96250, Medion MD96252, Medion MD96260, Medion MD96268, Medion MD96270, Medion MD96271, Medion MD96274, Medion MD96280, Medion MD96296, Medion MD96310, Medion MD96325, Medion MD96344, Medion MD96368, Medion MD96379, Medion MD96386, Medion MD96390, Medion MD96393, Medion MD96410, Medion MD96580, Medion MD96700, Medion MD96710, Medion MD97970, Medion MD GoPal 465, Medion MD GoPal 470, Medion MD PNA 1500, Medion MD PNA 460, Medion MD PNA 465, Medion MD PNA 470, Medion MD PNA 500, Medion MD PNA 500T, Medion MDPNA 500T, Medion MD PNA 51, Medion MD PNA 510, Medion MD PNA 510t, Medion MD PNA 515, Medion PNA315


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