Cadex C5100B Rapid Cell phone tester, C5100B

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  • C5100B
  • Cadex C5100B Rapid Cell phone tester, C5100B
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Battery Rapid-Tester checks batteries in 30 seconds. For Single Li-Ion batteries between 500mAh to 4000mAh capacity.

Cadex C5100B Unit Only

*adaptors available separately

Application Single-station battery tester

The C5100B removes the guesswork of low run times in a mobile phone and other devices. Testing the battery gives the user a clear assessment of battery performance in just 4 minutes.

Batteries are blamed for most mobile phone problems. The fault is often outside the battery and the C5100B serves as a diagnostic tool. Customers appreciate straight answers and storefront testing obliges them to return with trust.

* The C5100B battery analyser improves customer care

* Increases revenue, reduces costs and gains trust

* Protects the environment by discarding fewer batteries

Featuring 4 Programs:

* 4 Minute QuickSort


  • 820g
  • 28.5 X 16 X 9.2cm
  • 28.5cm
  • 16cm
  • 9.2cm


  • Cadex Rapid Cell phone Battery Analyser


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