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    Agilent M2636A Medical Battery, 10.8V, 4000mAh, NiMH, Moltech, NI1030AG

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    Agilent M3046A Medical Battery, 12V, 4000mAh, NiMH, Moltech, NJ1020HP

  • Agilent Technologies 1204A – Virdia 24 Ct Medical Battery, 12V, 1900mAh, SLA, Matsushita, MB384

  • Agilent Technologies 8026B Fetal Monitor Medical Battery, 6V, 250mAh, NiMH, Mst, MB48

  • Agilent Technologies A1 blood pressure monitor Medical Battery, 6V, 4500mAh, SLA, Panasonic, LC-R064R5P

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