Safe, Smart, Robust, & Efficient Motorhome Batteries

High energy density (less than half the weight of SLA)
Lowering the total weight of application

Large number of cycles
>2000 (80% DoD)
Up to 8 times more cycle life than SLA, lowering your total cost of ownership

Greater capacity utilisation
Longer runtime and more efficient use of capacity compared to equivalent SLA

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Deliveries within 2-5 working days

Fast recharge
Battery is charged and ready to be used sooner

Integrated Battery Management System (BMS)
Ensures protection against over-charge/discharge, temperature and short circuit

Extremely low self-discharge rate
Can sit unused for longer periods of time

Bluetooth versions available
Monitor the health and state of your battery from your phone

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Travel with confidence with Invicta Motorhome Batteries. The Invicta Lithium series offers uncompromising safety for your motorhome or campervan. Even more, the range is IEC Certified for safety and quality, so you can have peace of mind while you travel.

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Deliveries within 2 to 5 working days

Enjoy Your Getaway with Confidence and Incredible Safety

This premium range of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) is made of the highest quality composition. Due to their incredible safety features, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are one of the safest and most reliable lithium-Ion batteries in the market.

Features and Benefits

  • Market-leading warranty and IEC Certified
  • Very lightweight (less than half the weight of SLA) and higher usable capacity
  • Bluetooth monitoring is available. You can monitor the state of your battery effortlessly by phone
  • Integrated BMS protection (offering greater tolerance to high temperatures)
  • Extremely low risk of fire even under harsh circumstances
  • BMS also better protects against overcharge/discharge, short circuit, and penetration
  • Low maintenance and self-discharge rate (can sit unused for longer periods)
  • Phosphate is not a hazardous material and so is friendly both to the environment and health.


What is a Lithium Battery?

Lithium batteries have positive plates (cathodes), negative plates (anodes), insulating separators, and finally electrolytes (conductive liquid). Their design is set apart from flooded lead-acid batteries because there is no free liquid in LiFePO4 batteries. Additionally, the components of a lithium battery are materially different, especially, the cathode and the process undertaken during charge and recharge. While the components within lead-acid batteries change during the chemical reaction, lithium transfers ions during charge and discharge while leaving other components the same.

Are all Lithium Batteries the Same?

‘Lithium’ or ‘Lithium Ion’ refers to a family of batteries. There are several different ‘Lithium Ion’ technologies within the Lithium-Ion family. Each utilises different materials for the cathode and (to a lesser degree) anode, resulting in different characteristics. This makes some battery designs more suitable than others for different applications.

Why use LiFePO4 for Lead Acid Replacement Applications?

LiFePO4 is the safest form of Lithium-Ion when considering the temperature and abuse like overcharge/discharge, short circuit, and penetration. The Invicta battery has a high thermal runaway point, similar voltage to SLA (3.2V per cell = 12.8V), good performance all around, and is flexible for use in many applications. It is cost-effective, with a high life cycle and a slow capacity loss—meaning a battery can sit for longer without requiring a re-fresh charge. Additionally, phosphate is a non-hazardous material that is both friendlier to the environment and your health.

Why is LiFePO4 Safer Than Other Lithium Battery Types?

The LiFePO4 batteries are the safest of lithium batteries. Phosphate-based technology offers superior thermal and chemical stability, providing better safety characteristics overall. In the event of mishandling during charge or discharge, lithium phosphate cells are incombustible and more stable under overcharge or short circuit conditions. They can withstand high temperatures and the LiFePO4 series is also more chemically robust than other variants.


Most companies will have IEC62133 and/or UL1642 (now unified) for their lithium cells, completing testing on their cells but not necessarily their battery system. In comparison, Invicta Lithium batteries are tested thoroughly at the cell level and the complete battery system via the international standard IEC62619 certification. This extra step tests the cells put together in a system along with an internal BMS, ensuring the widest range of safety aspects are tested.