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The leading battery manufacturer in New Zealand, SIMPOWER is a battery company with over 40 years of experience designing innovative custom-built batteries to suit all needs and requirements.

From lithium batteries (li-ion batteries) for mobile phones, E-bikes, and scooters to custom-built batteries for emergency lighting, medical batteries, and more, SIMPOWER specialise in cells and battery pack builds, and can customise battery solutions to suit any business’ needs.

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    Custom Designed & Built Battery Packs

    Specialised in designing custom-built battery packs, SIMPOWER utilises the latest technological innovations to provide the most effective, high-quality, economical battery solutions in the market.

    Through expertise and extensive knowledge of cells and battery pack builds, SIMPOWER is an exclusive battery distributor in New Zealand for SAFT—a world-leading company for innovative cell technologies.

    Our supply includes an extensive range of brands, and SIMPOWER can source all leading brands from the global market.

    We offer free technical advice on battery selection and pack design. Talk to us today to discuss custom build battery packs for your company.

    Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (Li-Ion Batteries)

    Lithium-Ion batteries (a.k.a., Li-Ion batteries) are the most popular lithium battery designs. In particular, there is a growing demand for Lithium batteries featuring 18650 cells, which have found their way into diverse consumer products—from cell phones and laptops to power tools, vehicles, high-powered LED torches, and doorbells.

    Some of the advantages that make Li-Ion battery cells so popular include their high energy density, low maintenance design, low self-discharge rates, and high maximum continuous-discharge rate (depending on the cell).

    To find out which Lithium-Ion battery cell type is best suited to your needs, talk to SIMPOWER battery specialists today.

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    Battery Manufacturer & Lithium Batteries Supplier NZ SIMPOWER provides the best custom build battery solutions for every industry. No matter your battery manufacturing need, you can talk to the battery experts at SIMPOWER for quality advice and assistance.Contact us today to get the best cell types and battery designs to suit your particular business needs and requirements. .

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