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  • Energizer Torch Industrial Rubber – Non-slip, compact with 2 x AA batteries, R222

  • Energizer Torch Industrial General Rubber with 2 x D size batteries, Non-slip, handy, R253

  • Energizer Torch Hard Case Pro Inspection Light, Proi23A

  • Energizer Light-weight Torch with 2AA batteries, MS2AALED

  • Energzer Handy light Torch with 2 D size batteries for regular usage, MS2DLED

  • Energizer Torch Hardcase LED Tactical with 2AA size batteries, MIL2AA2

  • Energizer Handy Torch for close-up jobs, rechargeable, large, RCE4AA1

  • Energizer Torch Compact and light-weight handy torch, rechargeable, medium, RCE2AA2

  • Energizer Torch Directional hands-free light, HDL33AINE

  • Energizer Torch Industrial General LED6 headlight 3 x AAA batteries, HDL33A2

  • Energizer Torch Hard Case Pro LED 2D Light, PRO2D1

  • Energizer Torch Hard Case Pro 2AA LED Swivel Light, PROSW2A

  • Energizer Torch Industrial General Trim Flex LED – 6 lights, FNL2BU1

  • Energizer Torch Dolphin Wide beam with optimum light output (rechargeable), 108MK6R

  • Energizer Torch Compact, Dolphin Micro with 2AA batteries – Waterproof Light, DOL2AA2

  • Energizer Torch Dolphin Mini Light with 2 D size batteries -Handy Waterproof light, DOL2D2

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