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Enecharger Charger Adaptor plug for HP digital communication devices, 20005-915BP

Enecharger Charger Adaptor plug for HP digital communication devices, 20005-915BP
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Product Model: ADAP-HPIP3800
Original Manufacturer: HP iPaq
Manufacturer: Enecharger
Price Code: B

Enecharger Charger Adaptor plug for HP, 20005-915BP

The enecharger series of portable device chargers/power adaptors is a total charging solution that also offers the freedom to use the one charger for most modern digital devices including many models of mobile phones, PDA's, portable games, digital cameras, portable media players, GPS devices and most other devices that can be charged from a USB power source. Now the average household can use one charger/power adaptor for most devices rather than needing a different charger adaptor for each individual device.

The key to the enecharger range is the wide range of device plug adaptors incorporated with the above charger/power adaptor kits plus also being available separately.

Need to get out of the house but still need to charge on the go or in the office? Just disconnect the USB power cable with your adaptor plug from the home charger/power adaptor & insert into an enecharger vehicle charger/power adaptor and you can resume charging in the car. Once in front of the computer do the same again and plug USB cable with the adaptor plug into the computer's USB output. It's that simple.

Power input options available sold as kits or as individual components. To find available options select by brand & model via the category link above or click here to view the complete range.

*Please note some devices use a USB adaptor cable for power/charging and also for communications/uploading/downloading with a computer. The enecharger ranged is designed primarily for power/charging supply so may not always work for communication with a computer.

Compatible Model Numbers:
HP iPAQ hw6515, HP iPAQ hw6900, HP iPAQ 4150, HP iPAQ h4100, HP iPAQ h4150, HP iPAQ h4155, HP iPAQ rx1950, HP iPAQ h6310, HP iPAQ h6315, HP iPAQ h6340, HP iPAQ rz1710, HP iPAQ rz1715, HP iPAQ 1910, HP iPAQ 1915, HP iPAQ 1930, HP iPAQ 1935, HP iPAQ 1940, HP iPAQ 1945, HP iPAQ 1950, HP iPAQ 1955, HP iPAQ 2210, HP iPAQ 2215, HP iPAQ 2400, HP iPAQ 2410, HP iPAQ 2415, HP iPAQ 2495, HP iPAQ 2755, HP iPAQ 2795, HP iPAQ 3800, HP iPAQ 3830, HP iPAQ 3835, HP iPAQ 3850, HP iPAQ 3870, HP iPAQ 3875, HP iPAQ 3900, HP iPAQ 3950, HP iPAQ 3955, HP iPAQ 3970, HP iPAQ 3975, HP iPAQ 4155, HP iPAQ 4350, HP iPAQ 4355, HP iPAQ 4700, HP iPAQ 5150, HP iPAQ 5450, HP iPAQ 5455, HP iPAQ 5470, HP iPAQ 5550, HP iPAQ 5555, HP iPAQ 6300, HP iPAQ 6315, HP iPAQ 6320, HP iPAQ 6325, HP iPAQ 6340, HP iPAQ 6500, HP iPAQ 6510, HP iPAQ 6515, HP iPAQ 6828, HP iPAQ 6900, HP iPAQ 6920, HP iPAQ 6925, HP iPAQ H1900, HP iPAQ H1910, HP iPAQ H1930, HP iPAQ H1940, HP iPAQ H1945, HP iPAQ H2200, HP iPAQ H2210, HP iPAQ H2212E, HP iPAQ H2215, HP iPAQ H3800, HP iPAQ H3900, HP iPAQ H4350, HP iPAQ H4355, HP iPAQ H5100, HP iPAQ H5150, HP iPAQ H5400, HP iPAQ H5450, HP iPAQ H5455, HP iPAQ H5500, HP iPAQ H5550, HP iPAQ H5555, HP iPAQ H6300, HP iPAQ H6500, HP iPAQ HW6500, HP iPAQ HW6700, HP iPAQ HX2000, HP iPAQ HX2100, HP iPAQ HX2110, HP iPAQ HX2400, HP iPAQ HX2415, HP iPAQ HX2495, HP iPAQ HX2700, HP iPAQ HX2750, HP iPAQ HX2795, HP iPAQ RX1955, HP iPAQ RX3000, HP iPAQ RX3115, HP iPAQ RX3400, HP iPAQ RX3417, HP iPAQ RX3700, HP iPAQ RX3715, HP iPAQ RZ1700

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