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100-240VAC 2.1A USB power supply: iPad 4 & Mini, iPhone 5 & 6 & 6 Plus iPod Touch 5 iPod Nano 7 Enecharger ACUSB-CDC-iP5Mfi-BP1

100-240VAC 2.1A USB power supply: iPad 4 & Mini,  iPhone 5 & 6 & 6 Plus iPod Touch 5 iPod Nano 7 Enecharger ACUSB-CDC-iP5Mfi-BP1
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Product Model: ACUSB-CDC-iP5Mfi-BP1
Original Manufacturer: Apple
Manufacturer: Enecharger
Primary Uses: Phone Game GPS PDA Tablet
Price Code: B

100-240VAC 2.1A USB output power supply with Charge & Data USB cable for iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPod Touch 5, iPod Nano 7

2.1A output

The charge/data cable listed on this page is manufactured using licensed components compatible with Apple branded products using a USB to Lightning connector.

About Enecharger

The enecharger series of portable device chargers/power adaptors offers a total charging solution for most modern digital devices including:

mobile phones
- tablets
- PDAs
- portable games
- digital cameras
- portable media players
- GPS devices
- most other devices that can be charged from a USB power source

Now the average household can use one charger/power adaptor for most devices rather than needing a different fixed plug charger for each individual device.

The key components that make up the versatile enecharger range are the AC or DC power supplies, a diverse range of adaptor plugs and adaptor cables# that can be purchased in ready-to-go kits or separately as required when users change their devices.

The enecharger USB power cable affords users the freedom to charge their devices at home, in the office or on the go from any USB power source.

Power input options available sold as kits or as individual components. To find available options, select by brand & model via the category link above or click here. to view the complete range. You can also download our Mobile/Multimedia USB Charger Component Chart for easy reference.

*Please note some devices use a USB adaptor cable for power/charging and also for communications/uploading/downloading with a computer. Except where marked#, the enecharger range is designed primarily for power/charging so may not always work for communication with a computer.

#Adaptor cables beginning with prefix CDC are both charge & data communications cables.

Compatible Model Numbers:
Apple iPhone 5, Apple A1429, Apple iPhone 5C, Apple iPhone 5S, Apple A1421, Apple A1432, Apple A1446, Apple A1454, Apple A1455, Apple A1458, Apple A1459, Apple A1460, Apple iPod Nano 7, Apple iPod Touch 5, Apple MC903LL/A, Apple MC904LL/A, Apple MD297B/A, Apple MD298B/A, Apple MD299B/A, Apple MD300B/A, Apple MD475LL/A, Apple MD477LL/A, Apple MD478LL/A, Apple MD479LL/A, Apple MD480LL/A, Apple MD481LL/A, Apple MD510LL/A, Apple MD511LL/A, Apple MD512LL/A, Apple MD513LL/A, Apple MD514LL/A, Apple MD515LL/A, Apple MD516LL/A, Apple MD517LL/A, Apple MD518LL/A, Apple MD519LL/A, Apple MD520LL/A, Apple MD521LL/A, Apple MD522LL/A, Apple MD523LL/A, Apple MD524LL/A, Apple MD525LL/A, Apple MD526LL/A, Apple MD527LL/A, Apple MD528LL/A, Apple MD529LL/A, Apple MD530LL/A, Apple MD531LL/A, Apple MD532LL/A, Apple MD533LL/A, Apple MD534LL/A, Apple MD535LL/A, Apple MD536LL/A, Apple MD537LL/A, Apple MD538LL/A, Apple MD539LL/A, Apple MD540LL/A, Apple MD541LL/A, Apple MD542LL/A, Apple MD543LL/A, Apple MD544LL/A, Apple MD545LL/A, Apple MD662B/A, Apple MD663B/A, Apple MD705LL/A, Apple MD714LL/A, Apple MD715LL/A, Apple MD717LL/A, Apple MD718LL/A, Apple MD720LL/A, Apple MD721LL/A, Apple MD723LL/A, Apple MD724LL/A, Apple MD744LL/A, Apple MD749LL/A, Apple ME195LL/A, Apple ME196LL/A, Apple ME197LL/A, Apple ME198LL/A, Apple ME199LL/A, Apple ME200LL/A, Apple ME215LL/A, Apple ME216LL/A, Apple ME217LL/A, Apple ME218LL/A, Apple ME219LL/A, Apple ME220LL/A, Apple iPad 4, Apple iPad Mini, Apple A1522, Apple A1524, Apple A1549, Apple A1586, Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6 Plus

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