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Cadex Battery Shop 1 PC Software & Accessories, Batt Sware

Cadex Battery Shop 1 PC Software & Accessories, Batt Sware
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Product Model: Batt Sware
Original Manufacturer: Cadex
Manufacturer: Cadex
Price Code: E
Extra Info Links (Data Sheets): Cadex_BatteryShop_Summary.pdf

Cadex BatteryShop software provides a simple yet powerful PC interface to control and monitor Cadex C7x00-C Series battery analyzers.

The program assists users such as battery pack manufacturers, mobile phone dealers, two way radio fleet operators, battery powered hire equipment providers, industrial & military installations & many more with battery testing & battery fleet periodic battery maintenance.

Minimum Computer Requirements (PC)

A dedicated PC

Operating System:
* Windows 95/98/Me
* Windows NT4 (SP4 or later)
* Windows 2000 Professional (SP2 or later)
* Windows XP

Software requirements:
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
* Cadex Analyser Firmware C7000 & C7000ER firmware Version 3.53.
* Cadex Analyser Fimrware C7200 & C7400/ER firmware Version 3.01
* Cadex Analyser Firmware C7200-C & C7400-C/ER-C firmware Version 1.00

Hardware requirements:
* Pentium II 233MHZ or higher
* 160 MB disk space or higher (minimum 2Gb if using more than 16 analyzers)
* 256MB or higher of RAM main memory
*One com port for each analyzer
* USB Port for Label Printer

For a summary of Cadex BatteryShop hardware, software & accessories please click the data sheet link above.

To view a pdf of the current brochure click on Cadex 2014 Brochure.

Compatible Model Numbers:

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