Ryobi BID-1801M Battery, 18.0V, 1500mAh, Ni-MH, RYB813PW

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  • RYB813PW
  • Ryobi BID-1801M Battery, 18.0V, 1500mAh, Ni-MH, RYB813PW
  • CS
  • Ryobi

Simpower has a full range of replacement Ryobi Power Tool Batteries New Replace Batteries and Power Tool Batteries New Replace Battery packs. See below which model this Ryobi Power Tool Batteries New Replace Battery is compatible with.

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Please be aware that the changes in the IATA regulations for batteries is impacting on some of our air consignments from overseas – apologies in advance if this affects your order.


  • 18.0V
  • 1500mAh


  • Ni-MH
  • 10.8 X 13.6 X 7.8cm
  • 10.8cm
  • 13.6cm
  • 7.8cm
  • Yellow Black


  • Ryobi ABP1801, Ryobi ABP1803, Ryobi BPP-1813, Ryobi BPP-1817, Ryobi BPP-1817/2, Ryobi BPP-1817M, Ryobi BPP-1820, Ryobi BPP-1815, Ryobi BCP1817/2SM
  • Ryobi BID-1801M, Ryobi BID-180L, Ryobi CAD-180L, Ryobi CAG-180M, Ryobi CAP-1801M, Ryobi CCC-1801M, Ryobi CCD-1801, Ryobi CCG-1801M, Ryobi CCS-1801D, Ryobi CCW-180L, Ryobi CDC-181M, Ryobi CDI-1802, Ryobi CDI-1802M, Ryobi CDI-1803, Ryobi CDI-1803M, Ryobi CFA-180M, Ryobi CFP-180SM, Ryobi CHI-1802M, Ryobi CHP-1802M, Ryobi CHV-180L, Ryobi CHV-18WDM, Ryobi CID-1802M, Ryobi CID-1803L, Ryobi CID-1803M, Ryobi CID-182L, Ryobi CJS-180L, Ryobi CJS-180LM, Ryobi CJSP-1801QEOM, Ryobi CJSP-180QEO, Ryobi CMD-1802, Ryobi CMD-1802M, Ryobi CMI-1802, Ryobi CMI-1802M, Ryobi CNS-1801M, Ryobi CNS-180L, Ryobi CP-180M, Ryobi CPD-1800, Ryobi CPL-180M, Ryobi CRA-180M, Ryobi CRO-180M, Ryobi CRP-1801, Ryobi CRP-1801D, Ryobi CRS-180L, Ryobi CSL-180L, Ryobi CSS-1801M, Ryobi CSS-180L, Ryobi CST-180M, Ryobi CW-1800, Ryobi P200, Ryobi P210, Ryobi P2100, Ryobi P211, Ryobi P220, Ryobi P230, Ryobi P240, Ryobi P2400, Ryobi P2500, Ryobi P2600, Ryobi P300, Ryobi P301, Ryobi P310, Ryobi P3200, Ryobi P3300, Ryobi P400, Ryobi P410, Ryobi P420, Ryobi P430, Ryobi P500, Ryobi P501, Ryobi P510, Ryobi P520, Ryobi P521, Ryobi P530, Ryobi P540, Ryobi P600, Ryobi P610, Ryobi P700, Ryobi P710, Ryobi P730, Ryobi P740, Ryobi CCS-1801/DM, Ryobi CCS-1801/LM, Ryobi CDI-1801, Ryobi CRP-1801/DM, Ryobi BID1821, Ryobi JSP-180QEOM, Ryobi LCD1802, Ryobi CDA1802, Ryobi CDD182L, Ryobi CFP-180FM,CFP-180S, Ryobi CRH1801, Ryobi CID182L, Ryobi P202, Ryobi P2105, Ryobi P221, Ryobi P234, Ryobi P241, Ryobi P246, Ryobi P250, Ryobi P514, Ryobi P570, Ryobi P731, Ryobi P741, Ryobi P780, Ryobi P835


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