Simpower’s AN/PRC-77 Military Battery Pack

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  • Simpower’s AN/PRC-77 Military Battery Pack
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Military Battery Pack & Military Batteries

Product Type:  Non-rechargeable AN/PRC-77 Battery

NATO NUMBER: 6135-98-205-2787

The Simpower Battery Pack for the Military Radio type AN/PRC-77, as supplied to the New Zealand Army, is unique in design as it allows for ease of grip to both locate into the canister howsing and to remove when spent.

The Battery pack is supplied in a vacuum sealed bag for dampness control in humid climates.  Tests undertaken prove that Simpower’s AN/PRC-77 Battery pack is outstanding for performance and quality.


  Product Description   AN/PRC-77 Battery Pack
  Nato Number   6135-98-205-2787
  Simpower Part Number   9487910135
  Compatible with   BA-186, B-386/U, BB-586/U, BA-5598/U, BA-3186/U,
BA-3386/U and BA-4386/U.
  Voltage Nominal   15 volts
  Normal Capacity   3 1/2 days (9:1 Tx/Rx ratio AN/PR-77 Radio Set
  End Voltage   10 volts
  Length   229mm
  Width   93.5mm
  Height   54.5mm
  Weight   1.543 Kg
  Cell Type:
  Chemistry   Alkaline Manganese Dioxide Cells
  Cell Quantity   10
  Cell Type   Duracell MN1300
  Cell Size   D
Each battery pack is supplied in a vacuum sealed bag to stop an ingress of moisture and  to keep the product in good
conditions before use.
  Qty per carton/box:   10
  Qty per pallet:   50 boxes (500 units)
  Storage:   Product should be stored at ambient temperatures
  Batch coding/best before dates: All product has a date of manufacture and a use before date on both the individual product and the packing carton

Illustration of female Socket
Data Sheets and performance graphs available upon request – samples also available.
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  • AN/PRC-77
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