3V 4/5A Specialised Lithium Battery 2500mAh, PLC-4/5A-3-023B

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  • PLC-4/5A-3-023B
  • 3V 4/5A Specialised Lithium Battery 2500mAh, PLC-4/5A-3-023B
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3V 4/5A Specialised Lithium Battery 2500mAh, PLC-4/5A-3-023B, Replaces Eternacell SB9758T. Suits Allen Bradley 1770-XYC, 1770-XYC/A, 9556902, 96831384, 1771-DMC, 1771-DMC1, 1771-DMC4, 1785-L11B, 1785-L16B, 1785-L20B, 1785-L20BK, 1785-L20C, 1785-L20C15, 1785-L20E, 1785-L26B, 1785-L30B B, 1785-L36B, 1785-L40B B, 1785-L40B/L, 1785-L40BK, 1785-L40C, 1785-L40C15, 1785-L40E, 1785-L40L B, 1785-L46B, 1785-L46C15, 1785-L46L, 1785-L60B B, 1785-L60C, 1785-L60C15, 1785-L60L B, 1785-L66B, 1785-L66L, 1785-L80B, 1785-L80BK, 1785-L80C, 1785-L86B, PLC-5/11 series B, PLC-5/20 series B, PLC-5/20C15 ControlNet, PLC-5/26 Enhanced, PLC-5/30 series B, PLC-5/40 series B, PLC-5/46 Enhanced, PLC-5/60 series B, PLC-5/60L Enhanced, PLC-5/80 series B, PLC-L40C ControlNe, PLC-L60C ControlNet, PLC-L80C ControlNet


  • 3.0V
  • 2500mAh
  • 7.5Wh


  • Lithium Manganese Dioxide
  • 4/5A
  • 1.7cm
  • 4.5cm


  • PLC-4/5A-3-023B


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