LG AX275 12/24V Car Charger, Enecharger, CC1224-LGKG800

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  • CC1224-LGKG800 LG
  • LG AX275 12/24V Car Charger, Enecharger, CC1224-LGKG800
  • Enecharger
  • LG

12/24V LG Car Charger

See below which Device this charger is suitable for.


  • LG AX275, LG KF300, LG KS360, LG KE770 Shine, LG KF510, LG KG270, LG LX160, LG CE110, LG CP150, LG KF310, LG KF390, LG TU720, LG KE970 Shine, LG KF750 Secret, LG KU970 Shine, LG LX570, LG KC550, LG KF700, LG CU915, LG CU920, LG Vu, LG KE820, LG U310, LG CU575, LG KG290, LG CU515, LG TU515, LG AX380, LG AX565, LG AX8600, LG CU720 Shine, LG ENV, LG Flare, LG KC910 Renoir, LG KE800 Chocolate Platinum, LG KE850 Prada, LG KE90, LG KF600 Venus, LG KF900 Prada, LG KG320, LG KG800 Chocolate, LG KG810, LG KG820, LG KG920, LG KM900 Arena, LG KP500 Cookie, LG KS20, LG KU311, LG KU800, LG KU950, LG KU990 Viewty, LG LG AX260, LG LX150, LG LX260, LG Musiq, LG Rumor, LG Scoop, LG Shine, LG Trax, LG U830, LG UX260, LG UX380, LG UX565, LG Venus, LG Voyager, LG VX10000, LG VX5400, LG VX8350, LG VX8500, LG VX8550, LG VX8600, LG VX8700, LG VX8800, LG VX9400, LG VX9900, LG Wave, LG White Chocolate


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