HTC 5800 12/24V Car Charger, Enecharger, CC1224-MOTV3

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  • CC1224-MOTV3 HTC
  • HTC 5800 12/24V Car Charger, Enecharger, CC1224-MOTV3
  • Enecharger
  • HTC

12/24V HTC Car Charger

See below which Device this charger is suitable for.


  • HTC Wizard, HTC Dream, HTC Apache, HTC TyTn, HTC Titan, HTC Snap, HTC Touch Dual 850, HTC Mogul, HTC P4000, HTC P3450, HTC Touch, HTC Touch Viva, HTC P3700, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch 3G, HTC Kaiser, HTC TyTn II, HTC Touch HD, HTC Touch Dual, HTC Fuze, HTC RAPH100, HTC Raphael, HTC Touch Pro, HTC Magic, HTC 5800, HTC Dash, HTC Excalibur, HTC Fusion, HTC G1, HTC G2, HTC Herald, HTC P4350, HTC S620, HTC S720, HTC Shadow, HTC T7272, HTC Touch Diamond Pro, HTC Wing, HTC XV6800, HTC Touch Diamond II, HTC Touch Pro II


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