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Canon E61 Digital Camera & Video Battery, 6.0V, 2100mAh, Ni-MH, BP711

Our price: NZ$36.51
Product Model: BP711
Original Manufacturer: Canon
Availibility: Currently Out of Stock - the new IATA Regulations means delivery may now take 2-4 weeks.
Manufacturer: CS
Type: Colour: Black
Technology: Ni-MH
Voltage: 6.0V
Minimum Capacity: 2100mAh
Diameter or Width: 92.38mm
Height: 46.96mm
Length: 22.85mm
Price Code: C

Simpower has a full range of replacement Canon Digital Camera Batteries and Digital Camera Battery packs. See below which model this Canon Digital Camera Battery is compatible with.

Related document: Information on replacement batteries.

Please be aware that the changes in the IATA regulations for batteries is impacting on some of our air consignments from overseas - apologies in advance if this affects your order.

Compatible Model Numbers:
Canon E06, Canon E08, Canon H850, Canon L1, Canon L2, Canon UC1, Canon E61, Canon ES900, Canon ES180, Canon UC2Hi, Canon E53, Canon ES80, Canon E850Hi, Canon UC1MarkII, Canon E50, Canon ES600, Canon E680, Canon UC15C, Canon E40, Canon ES3000, Canon E620, Canon E230, Canon ES270, Canon LX1, Canon E09, Canon ES200, Canon UC7500, Canon ES100, Canon UCS5, Canon J10, Canon VME800H, Canon E808, Canon UCS1, Canon H440, Canon UCX65Hi, Canon E77, Canon H800, Canon ES7000, Canon UC-L100W, Canon E67, Canon H640, Canon ES40, Canon UC55, Canon E640, Canon EX1, Canon ES2500, Canon UC30Hi, Canon E60, Canon ES90, Canon ES18, Canon UC25Hi, Canon E520, Canon ES750, Canon E850, Canon UC1Hi, Canon E460, Canon ES550, Canon E660, Canon UC15, Canon E350, Canon ES300, Canon LX-1T, Canon E210, Canon ES20V, Canon UC9500, Canon E07, Canon ES10V, Canon VTLC50, Canon J20, Canon UC7000, Canon EQ305, Canon UCS3, Canon VME77, Canon E800, Canon UC20, Canon EX2Hi, Canon UC-V1Hi, Canon E700, Canon H680, Canon ES520, Canon UC8000, Canon E66, Canon H480, Canon ES290A, Canon UC40Hi, Canon E63, Canon ES970, Canon ES190, Canon UC30, Canon E57, Canon ES800, Canon ES170, Canon UC2, Canon E51, Canon ES70, Canon E800Hi, Canon UC16, Canon E440, Canon ES500, Canon E65A, Canon UC10, Canon E250, Canon ES290, Canon LX100, Canon E20, Canon ES2000, Canon L10, Canon UC8500, Canon ES1000, Canon VME70A, Canon J100, Canon UC6000, Canon E90, Canon UCS2, Canon H520, Canon VME70, Canon E80, Canon H-850UC-1, Canon ES870, Canon UCS20, Canon E70, Canon H660, Canon ES400V, Canon UC5Hi, Canon E65, Canon H460, Canon ES280, Canon UC3Hi

Compatible Part Numbers:
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